Admission Open 2016-17
From Classes: Pre. Nur. to IX
XI (Med., Non-Med., Commerce & Humanities)

Principal Message


“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with these, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past”

We live today in a world that is so very different from the one we grew up in, the one we were educated in the world today is changing at such an accelerated rate and we as educators need to house and reflect on this entire system of Education. I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions while letting them inspire us to do the same. Education & School have traditionally been the hub of our communities. They create for our present and future, but for the connections that create amongst a community growing up in a small town, teachers were revered and they always made an effort to connect with parents to bring them in on the learning process of their child not just with developing intelligence but developing students as people. The notion of “it takes a village” is something that I believe in deeply and believe that it is more important now than ever. Are our schools well equipped to prepare our children to face the challenges that the future holds? Question such as these are factors that motivate us to go through a continuous process of reflection and hence we are at Lingayas work at implementing a well balanced curriculum to ensure that the children who walk into the portals of our schools will not just love their school years but truly be prepared to face life’s challenges. It was Margaret meau who said “Children must be taught how to think not what to think” and to enable this, our motto of knowledge, Imagination and Innovation is encouraged through the holistic approach. TO MOTIVATE THE WEAK, TO ADDRESS THE AVERAGE AND CHALLAGE THE GIFTED” is s the teaching vision of our school. To be successful, people must have a purpose within our organization. This included parents who are a great untapped resource within our own communities. We can no longer have children going home and being asked the question “What did you learn today”? And responding with “nothing “. By opening the doors to our classrooms through both physical and virtual environments we have the opportunity to change the conversation at home. Parents are able to be actively involved in the process of learning reading to an opportunity for success of each child.

As an Principal I have the opportunity to become better by continuously being able to visit classroom and see what the most effective teachers do. Peers do not have this same opportunity because of our physical environment Through the use of different technologies such as blogging and twitter, we open up our classroom to other educators not only in our own schools but to schools around the world to bring them in on the collaboration. As I always focus on “What is best for kids”, it is crucial that we look to not only keep our own students, but how we can help the other students from around the globe as well. Aristotle once said that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Even as we impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization, we march our children ahead with Lingayas ethos of moral values and principles. We pride ourselves to help them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizen of the next generation. In summary, building relationship, developing leadership and focusing on school as the “hub” of our community, we are more likely to create an environment where our students are building a bright future both today and tomorrow. By looking at what worked in the past, while also looking to develop our future, our community is more likely to be able to come together to create the school our kids needs. Teamwork is the hallmark of Lingayas. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the failure leaders tomorrow.