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The Lingaya’s Public School amazing student-friendly environment

The Lingaya’s Public School amazing student-friendly environment

While the school community takes pains to conduct classes and teaching along with tests and examinations according to the prescribed syllabus and board guidelines, the tender hearts and souls of the children should get due attention. Cultivating the feelings and emotions should be considered equally important as developing the mind. Lingaya’s Public School, among the top rated schools in Faridabad, works hard to care for the emotional life of the students. The children of the primary school certainly need closer attention as compared to the boys and girls in high school who are comparatively more mature and independent.

Student-friendly environment is the need of the hour

Everything appears to be good and systematic on the surface with the students cheerful in their neatly stitched school uniforms. Busy with classes and games during breaks and attending clubs and proceeding on outings and field trips, nothing seems to be amiss. Yet, if it was possible to look into the hearts, minds and souls of those little ones, some surprises may be in store. A variety of family backgrounds make up the sections of society. While most may be well settled materially speaking, silent woes probably afflict many, like marital separations and business failures, personal grudges and legal disputes, or just discontentment with the situation in life.

Probably the best school in Faridabad wishes to ensure a good life in the school with a student-friendly environment. The impact of the disturbed home is felt on the psyche of the students, mute though they are behind that dress of innocence. The situation is certainly better when both mom and dad are professionals in an equal status after marriage. It is probably the housewives who have nothing do besides gossip and cook that may face more of the hurdles.

The fairy tale like existence in the school premises would fail in its purpose if children were really deeply worried about parental problems like violence or arguments at home on a regular basis.

Parent-teacher committees

It has often been said that the parents are the first teachers for the kids which is quite true. When children start attending school, the teachers join hands with the parents and extend the teaching fraternity.Both teachers and parents similarly look upon the kids with tender eyes. Even when they are grownups, they still appear little in the eyes of parents and teachers. If dedicated teacher-parent committees meet regularly, the mitigation of such personal and emotional problems might find a remedy. Both the children and the parents may get a chance to benefit if teachers are dedicated and really care for the community. Regular teacher-parent meetings whether on a personal level or as class or school groups would bring such issues to the notice of the management and appropriate care may be rendered.

Physical infrastructure is certainly part of the important security and safety arrangements with every block of the school covered by CCTVs. The journeys of the students up and down each day need to be supervised at every stage. Boarders would have a little advantage without daily travels but the dangers are also present with them in the institutionand hostel round the clock. Though the teachers may form a majority of the staff, several other workers make up the institution; their backgrounds need to be thoroughly scrutinized for employment so that they do not pose any danger to the little kids.

The top 20 schools in Faridabad and that includes Lingaya’s Public School certainly care deeply for the boys and girls of different ages, cultures and religions who pass like guests through the gates. While some may spend a single session in the campus, many spend several years before going on to higher studies. They are all important in the eyes of the school community that makes a great effort to provide a vibrant learning experience. It is not merely the books and the classes, the syllabi and the examination that the school life is all about.

An ideal student-friendly environment does exist in the list of top schools in Faridabad. The school management board in association with the teacher committees and the parents’ representatives take pains to put it in place and maintain it for from session to session. Besides the infrastructure in the school, it is a spirit in the ambience that denotes a student-friendly life. According to one important theory, education is not a preparation for life but life itself. Efforts are made to involve the young minds, hearts and souls in a dynamic exchange of thoughts and ideas that would impact their character and personality and provide a firm foundation for a lifetime of achievement. Learning a lesson from the Japanese school system, manners and customs, values and ethics are best taught early. Hurdles must be actively removed in the tender paths of juvenile development with dedicated school efforts.

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