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Teachers, serve as a model for your classroom writing lessons

Teachers, serve as a model for your classroom writing lessons

Lingayas Public School does encourage the writing skills as a core requirement for success in the study and professional career. Inspiration for effective writing exists not only within school wals, but also all over the media. Standards of writing are certainly improving under the impact of an overwhelming information explosion coming in every direction. Besides writing, the other language skills of listening, speaking and reading are important too, and quite interrelated, developing simultaneously in most cases. If some children have deficiencies with speaking, remedial work needs to be done, probably away from the group to render personal attention.

The burden of grammar learning

If there is something the children in school dread, that is the rules of grammar along with other subjects they have no aptitude for. Yet, basic grammar is easily learned like the SVO basic sentence constructions with the subject, verb and object. A personal attention is needed and the teacher needs to go down to the student level rather than teach from high above, like a voice coming from the sky. Little children are easier to manipulate with such tidy lessons that ingrain the correct sentence constructions early in life.

Material to write about

On the way to developing writing skills, a serious problem is to find the content. Yet, lots of material already exists in the student lives. What they do every day, the journeys to and from school, what they eat and the games they play, television programs they watch. In order to write successfully, the kids need to feel at home and be encouraged to put down words on paper or even electronically like in emails or social media.

The teacher becomes a writing model!

You can go on and on about the dictionary, the materials for writing and the grammar, but what will work is the teacher becoming a writer right there in the classroom and scribbling sentences on the greenboard or blackboard or whiteboard! The writing process extends from the brainstorming and planning point wise stage to the writing of the sentences and paragraphs. A traditional period is sufficient for the writing of a short essay, adjusted according to the available time.

When it comes to forming sentences, the teacher demonstrates by actually writing sentences independently in full view of the students. They will soon imitate, especially the ones with problems in writing as they undergo the entire procedure firsthand. As the teacher explains questions, statements, introductions and conclusions, model sentences are created on the spot, thought over and written out.  A positive impact is the result with many abstractions and confusions now got rid of. The writing process has become as transparent as the day in the minds of students. The writing skills are developing so much faster now.

Varieties of writing

Starting with the straightforward descriptive writing, there are many more like the arguments, the narrative and the creative story, each important for its different thinking, philosophy and applications. Arguments are strongly fought over to deal with topics like choosing between a bicycle and a car.  Describing the school is far simpler in comparison.

With nothing really entirely original, but merely a synthesis of our own experiences, designing creative stories would assemble characters and situations, incidents and ideas already experienced. Advertisements attack us from every media and they contain the germs of little stories. Developing your own creative bit of a story can be exciting and interesting, thinking in visual terms like the cinema and the screen. Starting with an idea like patriotism or something less serious like a hobby, perhaps trains of thought like trekking and vacation resorts may be the result for pursuing photography and picnicking with friends. Get creative together, use images, audio and video briefly, and the writing skills will soon get immensely creative and rewarding.

The middle and secondary school

As the school life is lived out in a splendid dream sequence from year to year, lost to the glory of innocence and tenderness, the skills of researching are slowly developing, what with all the internet facilities nowadays available. The acquisition of large chunks of information, crucial to study and understanding, passing exams and succeeding in life has begun in right earnest. How to successfully track the right sources of information, compile and edit them to find the most useful and important paragraphs and sentences, citations etc is a skill in itself.

Learning the value of originality dawns too when the lessons and frequency of plagiarism in the media is recognized. While the copy and paste functions in computers have made plagiarism so easy, it is possible to detect it too. Penalties may be imposed for passing off duplicate content as your own in research papers.

The literary portfolio compilation approach

Whether hard copy or online, putting together your own written pieces and images and videos you have gathered along with the writings you appreciate would become an excellent exercise to reinforce writing skills. Starting with descriptive writing, it has been a wonderful adventure into the arguments, the report, the imaginative and the research with Lingayas Public School.

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