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Natural Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding World

Natural Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding World


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Natural Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding World

The term “natural bodybuilding” first became widespread in the early 1990s. His main goal was the rejection of doping and steroids and the inspiration of athletes training to improve their physical fitness.

The term “natural bodybuilding” first became widespread in the early 1990s. His sustanon 250 prices main goal was the rejection of doping and steroids and the inspiration of athletes training to improve their physical fitness.

It is not necessary to become like the participants of the tournament “Mr. Olympia” and to have a mountain of muscles – much more important is good health and a beautiful athletic physique, built without using the forbidden “chemistry”.

For the development of this popular trend, magazines began to be published, where photos from the speeches of so-called natural, natural bodybuilders are published.

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There are organizations that promote the so-called “natural” bodybuilding. These include:

North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF);

“The International Natural Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (INBFF);

Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Association (ANBA);

International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA);

“Natural Physique Association” (NPD);

These associations promote bodybuilding without the use of anabolic steroids and pharmacological agents. Adherents of bodybuilding “without chemistry” believe that their method is more focused on a healthy lifestyle and natural competition.

True, practice has shown that some of them refused to take drugs on the days of the competition, but used them in their past.

Today, in order to exclude such cases at such competitions, athletes pass two tests: 1) on a polygraph (lie detector); 2) traditional steroids test.


Interestingly, athletes who have previously used steroids can also compete in these competitions, but with one important condition: the last period of taking steroids must be at least 7 years ago.

Here is a brief list of pharmaceuticals that a natural bodybuilder should not use throughout their careers to confirm their status:


anabolic steroid;

human growth hormone;


insulin-like growth factor;

any anabolic prohormones,


thyroid hormones;

2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP);


erythropoietin (EPO);

norephedrine, ephedrine, ephedra;

stimulants such as amphetamines;



As well as experimental and new developments of pharmaceuticals:

androgen receptor selective modulators (SARMs);

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myostatin inhibitors;

gene dope;

stem cells.

Here is only a minimal list of forbidden “chemistry”, which contains mainly those drugs that are most often used by athletes. There are many other products on the anti-doping list of sports federations that can significantly complement it.

This list does not include certain medications that are intended for the therapeutic treatment of diseases such as allergies, asthma and inflammation. Moreover, these drugs should not have a pronounced anabolic effect.

Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are also not prohibited, as they can naturally be present in food and are quite often used in the daily life of most people.

What can be taken by natural bodybuilders?

Natural people can take protein, amino acids, glucose, vitamins, minerals and creatine, because they are naturally present in normal foods that are part of a normal, healthy daily diet. They are also not prohibited by any anti-doping organization.

Also, natural bodybuilders are allowed to use certain pharmacological preparations and herbal adaptogens, which increase endurance, strength, activity and are not prohibited by anti-doping commissions.

Natural bodybuilding should be based primarily on a healthy lifestyle and diligent, optimally selected workouts. It is very important to adhere to a healthy diet, and if necessary, include additional sports nutrition products and approved pharmacology.

The difference between a natural bodybuilder and a “chemist”

natural bodybuilder Original pictures taken from the site {}

As a natural bodybuilder, and using chemistry, mainly characterized by the influence on the DNA of their cells. The following processes occur in the organisms of both representatives: some structures of the human genome are activated, associated with protein production, the process of copying information on protein production is started, and after that the protein begins to be produced in cells.

The flow of the above process in a natural bodybuilder occurs in smaller amounts than in the “chemist”. In both cases, the process is signaled by the onset of anabolic hormones, which are produced under the influence of training stress. The amount of hormones of a natural bodybuilder is limited by its physiological characteristics, and for a bodybuilder who accepts chemicals, these restrictions are lifted. The only limitation may be finances.

Therefore, it turns out that the natural bodybuilder is somewhat limited in possible progress. The natural quantitative and qualitative testosterone cypionate for sale increase in dry mass is significantly inferior to the chemical due to the limited amount of anabolic hormones. There may even come a moment when progress stops completely – this is due to the physiological ceiling at which growth hormones cannot produce more than the prescribed amount.

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How to eat a natural bodybuilder

One and categories of successful weight gain is nutrition. It is necessary to achieve excess calorie food. But a frequent occurrence among beginners is the simultaneous achievement of opposing tasks – gaining dry mass (muscles) and reducing the presence of body fat. Even while using chemistry this is very difficult to achieve.

With excess caloric content, it is possible to recruit not only a large amount of dry weight, but also a little extra (fat).

To achieve excess caloric content, it is necessary to create a diet that will include animal proteins – meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, and more. Complex carbohydrates are also acceptable – buckwheat and rice porridge, pasta. It is necessary to refrain from the use of fast carbohydrates – they will lead to the formation of a fatty layer in large quantities due to the production of insulin.

The problem of food digestion is also frequent. A bodybuilder can eat a lot, but at the same time only a certain part can be absorbed – the body will take as much as it needs, and the buy injectable steroids online with credit card rest will output. Therefore, the anabolic response may be less than expected.

Pros and cons of natural bodybuilding

Cons of natural bodybuilding

You will need to put a lot of work and maximum patience to achieve the intended results.

You will never get the same mass and volume of muscles as those who take steroids.

It is unlikely that you will be able to participate in competitions at the pro level

Part of the compliments in the gym will not be in your address, because there will always be a bodybuilder with a more powerful physique, thanks to doping.

As soon as you achieve good results in the development of muscle mass, the surrounding people think and say that you take anabolic steroids. You assure them that this is not true, and they, in turn, consider you a liar.

There is always the possibility of temptation to try a course of steroids for progress and quick results in the recruitment of muscle mass.

The benefits of natural bodybuilding

You do not need to buy and use steroids using the services of the black market and the Internet.

There are no risks to health, on the contrary, you improve your health and well-being.

You save your finances (money can be spent on better sports nutrition and useful things).

You do not have to lie to others about using steroids. Although, subsequently, if you achieve impressive muscle development, you may not believe it.

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Most girls prefer men with a natural athletic body.

You can rightly be proud of your results, because you have achieved all this by your own efforts, and not by taking any prohibited pills or injections.

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