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Lingaya’s Public School emphasizes the acquisition of excellent writing skills

Lingaya’s Public School emphasizes the acquisition of excellent writing skills

Consider the language learning activities indicated by LSRW. The listening, speaking, reading and writing approach places writing skills at the very end. Maybe it is true that speaking is most important in the common interest because a large number of people possess good speaking skills alone that suffice to earn a living. Tourist guides and waiters will speak the language well and that is all that is needed. Innocent children make a humble beginning with the letters and the words and much of what they do is based on listening to speakers around them. It is important that they are exposed to English speaking environments in order to acquire good pronunciation, fluency and a love for the language. Lingaya’s Public School is dedicated to the student attainment of excellent writing skills. The top rated schools in Faridabad do insist on all four language skills and provide Trenbolone Suspension learning experiences accordingly.

Which language is the most important?

While India has too many regional languages with the national language Hindi above all, it is obvious that language politics will follow. Yet, the most advanced language globally of English serves as the medium of instruction and the official language along with state languages. The passport to professional development and the vehicle of administration and commerce, English has no equal in terms of development, expansion and refinement. Don’t you think that we need to learn English well for many reasons?

Every language is learned in similar ways with an identical formula and activities, nowadays well supported by audio and video like on YOUTUBE along with online study materials to supplement what is done in the school. Group activities are best rather than in isolation, though some exam preparation may require lonely study. Chanting in a chorus like in the school assembly does train the ear and the vocal organs and creates sensitivity to the sound and rhythm of the language.

The development ofexcellent writing skills

Probably the best school in Faridabad considers the writing skills very important and a crucial part of personality development. Language is integral to humanity and involves the heart and soul, feelings and emotions. How do you develop character? One important aspect of education is plenty of guided reading all right but examinations are passed mostly through written answers. At least for the sake of performing well in examinations, writing skills need to be developed. Yet, exams are not the only reasons. Writing constitutes self-expression and the reflection of the core of the person. While many forms of art like music and painting may be forms of expression, writing is within the reach of everybody. Like the grass that grows everywhere, everyone can benefit from writing.

The rise of social media opportunities to express

While many talk of the evils of the internet, some influences have been of benefit to children and young adults. While writing homework in the exercise book may seem tedious to the teenagers, they are extremely willing to write comments and upload pictures on social media! Writing about real life experiences like at parties and journeys provides the beginning and perhaps will become a good learning habit.

During an age in which notices, circulars, timetables and even homework is communicated through social media, it should be a blessing. If the boy or girl gets interested in creative writing, many sites would encourage such efforts, provide feedback and certificates of appreciation too.

Writing as penalty and therapy

In those days long ago, it was common to be told by the teacher to write a hundred times sentences like, ‘I will not disturb the class.’  Maybe the practice does not exist today but it is an important lesson to learn.

Medically speaking and in psychiatric cases as well as in educational settings, writing can bring out the deepest feelings and emotions. After bitter experiences of perhaps domestic violence or examination failure, the child bottles up the emotions and retreats to the sanctuary deep within the soul, something like a tortoise within the shell. Perhaps writing can bring out the hurt and the anguish, the negative feelings and the inhumanity. Language thus functions like an essential medicine and helps dry up tears.

In the top 20 schools in Faridabad, the teachers and the management make a determined effort to inculcate excellent writing skills that would become a positive influence. Confidence about the English language would bring tremendous benefits, whether it is interviews, study or jobs abroad as a first rate international language. While we may love the native languages much more, it cannot be denied that English will take us many places.

The list of top schools in Faridabad does believe that the English language and excellent writing skills should receive top priority. Whether it is writing on social media, participation in story and essay writing competitions, give a lot of attention to all the four writing skills and take up the challenge of effective writing. Lingaya’s Public School will help you succeed.

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