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Lingaya’s Public School believes that teachers need to persevere professionally

Lingaya’s Public School believes that teachers need to persevere professionally


Though living in the present realities is highly recommended and a realistic understanding of life, work and study, it is certainly necessary to plan ahead for the future too. The daily life at Lingaya’s Public School revolves around teachers and students along with the other school staff. While students are innocently busy with the study and assignments, sports and clubs, their parents do the planning for the future. What about the future of teachers? Teacher careers are of great importance in a successful educational system. Every school and college is looking out for experienced teachers but where does the initial experience come from?

Teacher training institutions

Teachers need to persevere professionally right from the initial training sessions. It is true that many untrained teachers are working without a formal teacher training qualification, but sooner or later they will need to upgrade themselves.Rather than a job for today, serious teachers need to think of professional goals. In higher education, the interest in teaching often commences from a liking for a particular subject that may be science or language. That childhood interest may turn out to be a lifelong dedication. In primary school, the teachers need to work with several subjects and specialization would not really be possible. In such a case, teachers need to be dedicated to education and the interests of students.

The top schools in Faridabad take pains to look after the students’ interests and motivate the teachers too. It is the management and the office that is responsible for teachers’ careers to succeed. If the teachers thought only of the present, how will professional growth happen? They need to develop in two directions. Besides the subject knowledge like teaching mathematics that need to be updated on a regular basis, they have to learn more about advances in education. It is now taken for granted that everybody is computer literate and active participants in digital learning to keep pace with recent developments in technology.No matter what the subject of teaching or the profession may be, whether hospitality or healthcare, technology applies in a large sense.

Sustaining teacher interest through the decades

The top ten schools in Faridabad believe that teachers need to persevere professionally to work actively and vigorously. Sustaining interest through the years would be possible if incentives and promotions, favorable postings and recognitions are offered. As everybody knows, jobs often present a dismal scenario of stagnation, but that does not happen at Lingaya’s Public School. As the years pass by, teaching skills certainly improve and a deeper awareness of job responsibilities and subject complexities emerge.

Some things are common to every profession like increasing abilities with experience and boredom and listlessness too. While the first few years are very exciting and ecstasy is certain while delivering lectures and coping with young and eager minds, a gradual fatigue sets in with the repetitive tasks, the same syllabus to be taught each year and the ever increasing workload of question paper setting and answer paper marking. It is the most common complaints that classes are too big and teaching periods are too many. Emoluments are not enough and increments too low. These are general problems but may not be a part of the list of private schools in Faridabad.


Career opportunities for teacher growth

Teachers need to persevere professionally and greater responsibilities in the management like becoming vice principals would certainly contribute. Such a post certainly carries more attractive incomes that would work as an incentive. Yet, the responsibility increases too, though the teaching periods may be few or none at all. Very often, it is found that teachers take up higher classes as the years pass and teach at the college levelafter the initial school teaching experience. On the other hand, some teachers commence teaching careers in colleges.

The problem of looming burnout

A survey of the list of schools in Delhi NCRreveals that many fresh teachers are actively working. Several experienced teachers continue to work with vigor. Dedication to teaching and students would be found to a greater extent among the senior teachers who become a guiding light to the younger generation. Physical and mental exhaustion along with the boredom and the tedium set in with the long years of service. Retiring gracefully is fine, but what happens after that or even before?

The Delhi school name list and Lingaya’s Public School do believe that teachers need to persevere professionally and be encouraged even in the graying years. Coping up with the changing times in terms of technology, subject knowledge and innovative teaching methods would keep them energetic, active and mentally occupied. Indulgence in physical tasks, even something simple like walking and jogging would take care of the body metabolism. A round of yoga and meditation does wonders for the nerves and promotes sound sleep. Writing about teaching experiences can be therapeutic. A conscious and deliberate effort to prevent burnout or extreme fatigue would work wonders for the spirit and the body. Teachers, never ever give up!

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