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Lingaya’s Public School believes in effective mentoring for teachers and students

Lingaya’s Public School believes in effective mentoring for teachers and students

Professionally speaking, among the teaching community and extending to any field like business or the services, effective mentoring has traditionally played an important role. Particularly with starting teachers in the initial few years after getting out of teacher training institutions, it can be a nightmarish experience. Facing a classroom with a variety of students and their demands can indeed be overpowering. Preparing the lesson plans is only a part of the formalities, according to the prescribed format. The delivery of the lessons and the backup, the homework corrections and the sustained teaching of lengthy topics can be quite awe-inspiring.

Yet, beginning teachers in the top schools in Faridabad are enthusiastic and full of energy and verve, perhaps with the killer instinct too. Can teaching really be compared with other professions like business? From the inspirational point of view, perhaps teachers can compare with nurses and social workers in their concern for the welfare of humanity. After all, teaching is the master profession, as is often said, and it is teachers who guide doctors and lawyers, engineers and administrators.

As an enterprise that is organized with the profit motive in mind as are all the mega businesses that are rocking the world today, education, like health and hospitality are among the most profitable. Chains of hospitals, hotels and schools have many things in common and are related too. Educational institutes require catering and health facilities. Hotels and hospitals will not exist without training in institutes.

Effective mentoring is a universal need

Though unpaid for as an honorary activity that is certainly important, mentors are found everywhere at every tier of society, formal and informal.  Simply put, it may be the junior and senior relationships with the elders providing guidance and a helping hand. Problems faced in the office or factory are referred to the immediate supervisor, boss or manager, with the hope of finding speedy solutions.

The senior and junior hierarchy exists among students too, and the educational process does resemble a ladder that applies to professional goals also. Workers rise through several designations, indicated by ranks, badges or stars, according to the professional needs. In a word, every profession deals with the transmission of information in the delivery of goods and services, and data sharing and copying have become so much easier through technology. Manufacture, research, travel and communication are all greatly advantaged by resounding big data philosophies that are only getting better. Lingaya’s Public School belongs to the list of private schools in Faridabad that support the give and take policy of effective mentoring.

Schools may be crowded places and students would hardly get individual attention in the best schools, though teachers make every effort. Parental involvement and teacher-parent meetings do bring about a collaborative and understanding atmosphere where the children feel very much at home. A large number of students receive tuition in addition to the school work and the tutor becomes a mentor who encourages, supports and guides.

Basically, effective mentoring refers to the close support and cooperation, a listener and participant in the young life. Improvement and a day to day fraternity develops to cross the rough patches that will occasionally appear. The ability to face success and failure with equal skill and ability needs to be learned early. Since every coin must have two sides, the possibility of defeat always looms, whether it is world cup football or an examination in school. Being prepared, according to the scout theme,  is the best that can be done, yet situations often offer no guarantees or warrantees.

What is the future of the boys and girls?

In the  top ten schools in Faridabad, it can be said with confidence that a great majority of the students will pursue successful careers to bring credit to the family, profession and country. The quality of education provided gives them a good start to professional careers, keeping in mind what jobs they are capable and skilled in. If parents are realistic, they will choose what best suits the child’s abilities and not thrust some subject like science and medicine upon them.

The top schools in faridabad should encourage effective mentoring on the part of teachers and among students too. Knowing that a senior is available to guide and sustain would help in myriad ways.

  • Mentors help get rid of irrational fears and worries.
  • Improvement of performance may be expected because of mentors.
  • Mentors have greater experiences that become valuable supports and guides, like branches propping up the tree.
  • Getting opinions and advice from mentors brings confidence, like a ‘yes’ man.
  • Discipline may be expected and a clear line of strategy built with mentoring help.
  • Improvements, stimulation, ideas and growth come from mentors on professional and personal levels too.
  • Mentors and mentees need to respect each other and it is thus a mutual cooperation.

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