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Interval training – alex fitness

Interval training – alex fitness


Interval training – ALEX FITNESS

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Interval training is a class format that combines successively alternating strength and aerobic exercise. As a rule, such workouts have a very high intensity, due to which a large amount of energy is expended and positive processes in the body are accelerated, for example, metabolism and fat burning.




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1. Interval training for weight loss

2. At home

3. Running interval training

interval training women

4. Exercises for interval training in the gym

5 Differences interval training for men and women

6 Conclusions

Many professional athletes with a world name admit: they are in many respects obliged to the successes in the world of big sport to interval training. As the name implies, this type of training involves constantly alternating exercises. Often the term “interval training” is replaced by the close within the meaning of “circular exercises.” Reviews (UPDATED 2019) – Choice for Anabolic Steroids in United States – Online Pharmacy Reviews

Each subsequent exercise is done in order, in a circle. It has long been proven that this type of training can significantly improve and increase the efficiency and performance of physical activity, as well as positively affect the overall endurance of the body. This is very important for every professional athlete (in the aspect of final preparation for important competitions).

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At the same time, interval-type workouts can be safely recommended to every supporter of an active lifestyle who frequently visits a fitness room. They help to take care not only of their health, but also allow you to get the perfect figure.

Interval training for weight loss

Today, there are many types of exercises that promote weight loss, but among them it is the interval training for burning fat is most effective. Its essence is quite simple: to lose weight, you need to choose two exercises, each of which is performed differently.

The first must be done at the maximum “explosive” pace, forcing the speed and intensity. Execution time – no more than 30 seconds. Immediately How to increase testosterone in the body of men – Select Brands after the first exercise, the second is performed, but the pace is already significantly lower, as is the load level. For alcohol bodybuilding him will be enough from one to two minutes.

High-intensity interval training implies a constant alternation of maximum loads for the body in a short time with periods of “rest”. It is this alternation that allows your body to effectively get rid of extra centimeters and kilograms – fat burning interval training has a proven effect.

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At home

If you do not have time to visit a fitness center or a gym, however there is a great desire to “change” yourself and your body for the better, interval training at home will help you. Any interval workout dragon pharma steroids for burning fat at home is inherently no different from similar exercises in the training room. Its main feature is the absence of traditional types of simulators, but they can easily be replaced by free exercises – slat, squats, abs, dumbbells, etc.

A vivid example of interval training at home is the use of the Tabata technique. It is named in honor of the Japanese specialist Izumi Tabata, who developed the basis of a method that helps to lose weight quickly and form muscle relief and sculpturing.

Interval training Tabata takes only 4 minutes. Each minute includes two cycles of intense exercise for 20 seconds with a short rest of 10 seconds to restore breathing. It can be used in exercises on a treadmill, when training with weights with barbells and dumbbells, with squats (training gluteus muscles) and so on.

Interval training, exercises for which at home you can choose and alternate on their own, may well replace the purchase of a subscription to the gym. The only “but”: many newcomers often lack motivation, they tend to “pity” themselves and their bodies, giving relief and reducing intensity.

Running interval training

Interval run training is popular with many professional athletes and amateurs. The fact is that with regular loads the body begins to get used to them, which reduces the effect of running. Interval training on a track with alternating explosive acceleration and light “jogging” helps to invigorate your body and improve your performance.

If you are interested in interval training (running), its program may be different:

re-run (to prepare for the marathon);

re-run (to prepare for the marathon);

interval training women

interval sprint (for stayers);

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tempo run (each next segment on the treadmill is overcome faster);

fartlek (you yourself choose the start time and the end time of accelerations, the number of intervals depends on your determination).

Exercises for interval training in the gym

Interval training in the gym, as a rule, is more effective than exercise at home. In part, this is due to the great potential in activating additional equipment and simulators. Motivation, the example of other athletes in the gym, the constant presence of a personal trainer also play their part.

Differences interval training

An example of interval training is the use of rowing and exercise bikes, exercises on a stepper or in the free weights zone, interval hypoxic training (exercises with special masks that supply air with a reduced oxygen content).

Interval training on a stationary bike, for example, is half a minute at the highest SUSTANON 250 (Sustanon) – CRSSD ‡ Festival Fall \’19 possible pace, followed by a rest of 30-60 seconds. The total time that a circular interval training in a gym takes depends on your level of training and the absence of medical contraindications and restrictions.

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Differences interval training for men and women

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What is the difference between interval training for women and similar exercises for men? It is known that men have greater stamina: the main reason lies in anatomy and physiology. The male heart is much larger, which allows you to pump more blood and, accordingly, oxygen. With the same intensity of the same exercise, a man burns up to 1000 calories, while a woman burns 500-600.

Experts do not make a fundamental difference between male and female interval training, because the total number of muscles in those and others is about the same (about 600). Features of the male body are less prone to the formation of fat, which means fewer “circles” (repetitions) of the same interval workout.


The main goal of interval training is to help develop endurance. Being engaged in just a few weeks, you can evaluate the results in the form of loss of shortness of breath when you climb the stairs, reduce chronic body fatigue, reduce weight (up to 1 kg per week).

The performance of the cardiovascular system is improved, the immunity is strengthened, the overall body tone rises – all this, thanks to the simplest “looped” repetitions of training with varying degrees of intensity.

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