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Harmonious community relations results in the best educational settings

Harmonious community relations results in the best educational settings

Lingaya’s Public School looks upon the school infrastructure of buildings and rules and regulations along with the teachers and the students as a distinct community. The school makes an attempt to encourage cordial community relations because that is the secret to a harmonious work-life balance.

The idea of close human contact and healthy relationships, encouraging growth and productivity, extends to each family and organization. In smaller or larger dimensions, the work culture is decided by the quality of relationships in addition to the finance and the raw material or services involved.  Meaningful community relations are particularly important in the Greater Faridabad schools because young, impressionable minds are involved. The child practices tomorrow what is learned today. In order to ensure dynamic leaders and good society relationships in the future, let us set good examples to the little ones and the youngsters in the different stages of school life. Many children study in the same institution across a decade or more of school education and so it becomes doubly important to make sure that the right atmosphere is created.

Relationships within the school community

Just like jobs keep you busy all day long and work is often carried home, the children spend very busy days in the school system. Unseen silken knots of relationships are woven right from the morning assembly and the entire day. Such connections extend to the home and family too, connections that commenced even before the school was attended. Like a huge beehive, the school works through the day and each class is busy with the different subjects to be taught. The fun element may be very important in school to keep the students occupied and interested, but urgent official work has to be completed. The pressures of completing the syllabus often get teachers and students all stressed up, particularly on the eve of the examinations.

The school community relations need to work well on different levels. The teacher-teacher relationships and the teacher-student connections are similar, working under the same roof for so many hours each day right through the year! Since corporal punishment and physical or verbal abuse is now a thing of the past, it is possible to work under pleasant circumstances with the child learning at peace. Since the threat of violence no longer looms, it is necessary to have greater understanding with the boys in the back bench who are capable of disrupting all the efforts of the teacher who stayed up late to prepare the lessons. Thwe school does make an effort as a policy to encourage harmonious community relations between all the stakeholders involved.

Learning activities are not restricted to classrooms!

Education would be simple enough if everything happened in classrooms and examination halls. It is often said that education is not a preparation for life but life itself. If the school is a microcosm of life, a variety of learning experiences become important in order to learn soft skills and gain many kinds of knowledge. Whether it is the library or laboratory, field visits and guest lectures, each bit forms a facet of the student character and personality. The games sessions and the social work clubs and committees have different lessons to offer and participation is expected and often made compulsory. Community relations will matter at each step and may be defined as the overall aura or spirit of the school.

Parental and social involvement in the top schools in Faridabad

Since the school infrastructure is not an island, but is surrounded by bridges that connect to parents and society, they need to interact with the school authorities on a regular basis. The parents were the first teachers for the children and they come together with the teachers to discuss the progress of the child and any problems that may occur in learning, discipline or health concerns.

Private schools have a closer relationship with the community in the absence of government facilities. The children of social celebrities may be studying in the school and they lend a helping hand to complete school projects, arrange exhibitions or organize parties or picnics to celebrate important occasions. It is a valuable moral support and at times of stress or calamity, society becomes the crutch for the school to lean upon.

Lingaya’s Public School and the community relations success

Realizing that good human relationships are very important for productive work to happen, such a policy is actively encouraged. It is high spirits for the school in the presence of youth and the teacher’s heart is forever young. A mutual give and take in the spirit of sharing, community feeling and accomplishment is in the air and the faculty and the students along with the other administrative staff go about the daily duties with a smile.

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