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Getting young minds out of the technology-induced trauma with multiple activities

Getting young minds out of the technology-induced trauma with multiple activities

While the many positive benefits of software and a technologically diverse world media are obvious, don’t you think it is getting overwhelming for tender minds? The future decades can well be imagined with the innocent growing years replaced with mature content pouring in from multiple devices, perhaps shaped as fruits and vegetables. The strange new recipe would probably induce a comatose state with zombie-like children at various stages of a speeded up cerebral growth without an iota of purity.

The process is already in motion as every parent and teacher is well aware, with the kids growing up on a diet of phones and tablets, so to speak. Schools may not allow children to carry mobiles to school that makes a lot of sense, but otherwise, technology is found commonly in daily life. Lessons are learned and revised over apps, home work and corrections are received over the net and notices come via Whatsapp or messenger via Facebook.

Exam preparations

As the countdown begins for the annual examinations, it is a frantic race to reach all the important notes and soft copies are so much easier to duplicate and exchange. Downloading and printing takes up a lot of time. Precious notes are carefully harvested from among the millions of web pages and it is all a big blessing. Except for the copy and paste facility, plagiarisms and theft of intellectual property, everything is going fine for the students.

Weekends could serve as holidays from technology

Having thrown light on the obvious technology advantages in education, let us examine some of the detrimental effects. The mind and eyesight get terribly stressed and a gradual dependence upon social media sets in for most students.  Psychologically, it is a vulnerable situation and pictures and text occupy most of the waking hours. How will over busy parents keep a check? Besides, children have to indulge too, just like the parents must.

Motivation and information on the dangers of excessive technology

Media-dependent boys and girls getting alienated from family, neighbors and friends need to be educated and motivated to seek breaks and get physically refreshed with exercise and plenty of it. While common sense indicates these ill effects, youngsters get carried away and are not in control of the passions. A gentle firmness would be needed. Such restrictions on television viewing apply around examinations and something similar should exist all year long, regarding devices.

Many activities could maintain a balance!

Children and even the youth receding into themselves and shutting out the world in private cocoons of the media world can get very alarming. The internet has its hidden dangers and stalking, blackmailing and even illicit trade and crime are some dark areas. While parents and teachers cannot really keep the kids away from such devices in consideration of all the positive advantages, why not step up the physical activities by way of a balance?

Nature-based activities

Institutions far away from the city in rural campuses of serenity do enjoy a blessing in disguise! The activities would really bring a breath of fresh air. Trekking and swimming, picnicking and partying amidst the greenery, studying nature and biology field visits would provide excellent exercise and a session or two away from gadgets each week. They would all probably return to the devices to confirm what they experienced about plant and animal species but a lot of good has been achieved.

Workouts, walking, swimming, running etc.

Those kids attending workouts at the gym and are inclined to body building, athletic sports and team games, enjoy a great inbuilt advantage as compared to those who find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Though school activities may be strenuous enough and comprise the entire day, some separate early morning sessions at the gym, walking or running would set the pace for a healthy lifestyle. If gyms are very expensive, scout around and you will find cost effective facilities too. Try.

Involvement in Clubs and Committees

It is certain that the activities the boys and girls get involved in during school careers often reflect what the future holds in terms of professional pursuits. Whether it is home science or sports, carpentry or gardening, woodwork and stitching, it reflects some interests that could contribute to future career building, however simple it may now seem.

Drama-based learning activities

Besides the fun element, and the development of speech, expression and personality, drama and cinema hold a dose of celebrity glamour!  Computer software allows for sound and music, pictures and video to be artistically put together to create short films. While films could be done secretively, drama teaches you to take on the world from stages that remind of the thousands of years of historical drama before creativity and fiction set in. Light the spark in student interests and witness the mighty output of creativity, perhaps lasting a  lifetime.

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