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Get the students to do plenty of social work in an age of technology

Get the students to do plenty of social work in an age of technology

Among the top schools in Faridabad, it is never too early to get school students involved with a variety of social work activities, especially nowadays when people are getting isolated in the midst of crowds. No, it is not emotional turmoil or frustration that brings loneliness, but the domination of technology. It is only the senior citizens in the park who are deep in conversation like in the good, old days. All other age groups are quite immersed in the sleek handsets of global mobile phone manufacturers, lost in online wonders and social media.

Lingaya’s Public School and the social work clubs

It is called SUPW or socially useful productive work and a hundred fields can be thought of, like knitting and embroidering, painting and drama, among so many others. What starts off as a school based hobby or even encouraged at home initially could turn into a future career or at least provide a meaningful side income or activities. Interests and aptitudes matter so much and science students could pursue some artistic activities.  

Most would recommend sports for the development of a robust body in the healthy outdoors along with indoor games too. Working out at the gym is cool too for the many who are fond of body building, though simple walking and running would provide ample exercise.

Breaking the hold of technology upon the minds and bodies!

Since electronic devices may not be allowed to carry to school, it is an enforced separation from those beloved gadgets during the school hours. Restrictions at home on internet usage and television watching would also be necessary for the sake of studies and discipline. Wasting time on unnecessary browsing or television may bring harmful influences through porn sites or be exposed to dangers of mysterious kinds.

Social media has conferred a celebrity like status upon all of us and that extends to all ages. With your pictures and profiles sailing across the world, it does make you so much more known and attractive with a halo that increases with time. It is a rat race that billions of people are participating in across the world.

The school can be the oasis

It is a cocoon of tenderness in school life while college is full of dinosaur like creatures with no restrictions of dress and a discipline difficult to enforce. Agreed that many colleges and universities take good care of the students, especially in residential systems with matrons and wardens in charge of the students, many loopholes exist. The school should make a greater effort to cater to the emotional needs of children and provide a refuge during the formative years. Social bonding is needed and a sense of kinship and cooperation by putting heads and hearts together. Social work can provide that opportunity in the top rated schools in Faridabad.

Getting together for social work club activities

In the most authentic sense, visiting hospitals with gifts for patients or donating old clothes to the weaker sections of society would be the right spirit. Maybe a little more maturity and understanding would be needed before so much can be achieved. Yet, many youngsters are capable of such services too. If it is purely recreational or entertainment based to appeal to most children, it could be based on music, dance and drama, to mention some popular forms.

A lot of children nowadays cannot imagine any activity without technology! Why not let them learn to put together a short film with the software program available on most computers? It could be based on the school, class or club and is nothing more than assembling bits of film, music, titles, commentary and voices. Artistically done, it could be witnessed by the whole school and circulated on social media besides being a treasured memory for hundreds of students in the list of CBSE affiliated schools in Faridabad.

Social work in the top schools in Delhi

Along with technology that appeals to everybody, the outdoors based activity would win over most children, even those too deeply lost in books! A range of nature based activities out in the healthy parks or nearby forest if so located along with photography and videography could become a treat for the senses and maintain intimate memories. If nearby jungle resorts or hills, the landscape would provide many activities that require some daring, something that many city based children have hardly experienced. It would feel so good to get away from the stifling classrooms and provide a welcome respite from the rigors of study. Social work is the answer to many of the emotional and mental frustrations that many students suffer from.

In the list of private schools in Delhi, Lingaya’s Public School encourages social work in principle and in practice. Syllabus and examination pressures sometimes become unbearable at the approach of the tests and examinations. The beginning of the school session is the right time to indulge in social work clubs and committees.

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