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Exercises for the back with photo and video strengthen the spine at home

Exercises for the back with photo and video strengthen the spine at home


back muscle exercises 6 exercises for the development of a powerful back Sport and Health


Exercises for the back with photos and videos: strengthen the spine at home

Exercises for the back, which I want to offer you – a complex to strengthen all parts of the spine. It consists of elements of therapeutic gymnastics and simple yoga asanas.

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Modern lifestyle, unfortunately, is not the best way to affect the health of the spine. Exercises for the back today are simply necessary for everyone. We, modern women, spend a lot of time at the computer (both working and relaxing). In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, we often refuse any physical activity. Pregnancy and the appearance of the baby, which often have to be worn on the hands, can also exacerbate problems with the spine. Our husbands, too, often lead a sedentary lifestyle, or, on the contrary, engage in heavy physical labor. Both that and another negatively affects health of a back. So "preying" protrusions, hernia, scoliosis and other back problems. To prevent or reduce the manifestations of the above diseases will help special gymnastics.

The exercises for the spine that I want to offer you are a complex for strengthening the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. It consists of elements of therapeutic gymnastics, exercises for stretching, posture and strengthening the muscles of the back, as well as simple yoga asanas. This gymnastics for strengthening the back at home takes very little time (15-20 minutes), but it has a very good healing effect. Exercise is recommended daily. Start with 6 repetitions, gradually increasing them to 10-15-20. The number of repetitions and the complexity of the exercises can be controlled independently. Perform them slowly with maximum load.

Gymnastics for the cervical spine

We start with the cervical spine.

Exercise 1. Pull the chin to the ceiling, without tilting the head. 6-10 reps.

Exercise 2. Turn the head to the right shoulder. Keep your chin straight. We are trying to pull it back as far as possible by looking behind our shoulders. Looking when turning, we also take as much as possible to the right upper point. 6-10 repetitions in one, then in the other direction.

Exercise 3. We bow to the right – to the shoulder. 6-10 tilts. Then we put a palm on the head and relax the female viagra neck – it will reach under the weight of the hand, it is not necessary to press it specifically. Slowly count to 10-20. Then we perform these exercises to the left shoulder.

Exercise 4. We bow down our head, stretch our chin to chest 6-10 times. Then we put both palms woven into the lock on the back of the head. Under the weight of the arms, the neck will stretch. We count to 10-20.

Strengthening the thoracic spine

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Then go to the thoracic spine.

Exercise 5. Straight arms are woven into the castle behind the back, head tilted forward. We ottyagivayem shoulders down, delay, return to the place. 6-10 reps.

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Exercise 6. Hands at the seams. Raise the shoulders and pull to the ears, hold, lower down. Do 6-10 reps.

Exercise 7. Hands – on the shoulders. Body straight. Only the thoracic section works. Turn it to the right to the limit of 6-10 times, then to the left.

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Exercise 8. Now you can relax a bit – hang down and relax. We feel linen on the rope. Hands woven in front of the chest. Slowly count to 10-20.

Back exercises on the floor

back muscle exercises Exercises for the back with photo and video strengthen the spine at home

Now go to the exercises on the floor. We will have exercises for the lower back and stretching the muscles of the back.

Exercise 9. This is an exercise from yoga. Asanas "Dog snout up" and "Dog face down". We are doing them quite energetically (this is a kind of warming up), but at the same time we are not in a hurry, carrying out both elements to the end. AT "Dog face down" make sure that the legs and back were straight. Feet and palms shoulder width or closer. Stretch in the exercise chest to the floor (the thoracic part should bend). Heels trying to get up on the floor. If it is difficult, the legs can be bent a little at the knees. From this position we make the transition to "Dog face up". Hold the case with your hands, not laying them on the floor. Bend, but do not bend the lower back – pressing the buttocks. We hold on toes, without touching the knees of the floor. Then go back to "Dog face down". And so 6-10 transitions.

If these exercises are too difficult for you, you can ease them. Instead of the position of the corner – "Dog face down", execute position from knees – on all fours. "Dog face up" can be facilitated by touching the floor with your knees. Over time, complicate the position to the required.

Exercise 10. Exercise "Mermaid". Position – on all fours. Knees together. Motaem "tail" right-left 6-10 times.

Exercise 11. The same initial position as in the previous exercise. Only the pelvis is now fully left to the right. Perform 6-10 reps in each direction.

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Exercise 12. "Kitty". From the position on all fours, we bend the thoracic region inward, then we bend the back like a cat. You must perform 6-10 repetitions of these elements, smoothly flowing one into another.

Exercises 13. We lay down on the stomach. At the same time we raise the extended straight arms and legs. We try to raise them as high as possible, raising the chest. We count to 10-20. Go down. We make 6-10 such climbs.

Exercise 14. "Camel". From a kneeling position, bend back, arching the chest. We stretch our breasts to the ceiling, buttocks pursed. The head can be tilted for a while, but it is not necessary. Hands on the feet. After some time, you can drop them on the floor. This is quite a difficult exercise. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can skip it. Watch your feelings. You should not feel pain or discomfort. Do everything very carefully.

Exercise 15. Lie on your back. Legs bend at the knees. The back is straight. Drop your knees left and right. Perform 6-10 reps in each direction.

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Exercise 16. Lying on your back we pull up to the chest, first the right knee, then the left. Do 6-10 reps.

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Exercise 17. Lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees, clasp them with your hands and pull up to your chest, lifting your pelvis from the floor. Perform 6-10 reps.

Exercise 18. "Videos". Squatting. Taz down on the floor. The knees are pulled up to the chest, we clasp them with our hands. Roll back to the neck. Then back to the squat. We perform the exercise intensively, not forgetting to round the back. 6-10 reps.

Exercise 19. "Overturn". Sit on the floor. Smooth legs in front of you. Right leg, bent at the knee, throws over the left. Left elbow on the right knee. Push them from the knee. The back is straight. Turn the upper part of the body to the right. We count to 10-20. Then do the same to the left.

Exercise 20. "Twist of Shiva". We lay down on the floor. Right leg straight. The left leg, bent at the knee, pressing the foot to the right leg, we lower to the right. Twists only the lower part of the body. Upper motionless. The right hand is on the left knee. The left hand looks away. Blades pull to the floor. Shoulders lie flat on the floor. Breathe exactly. Trying to relax in this position. Slowly count to 10-20. Then do the same twist in the other direction.

Do these exercises diligently and regularly. If it is difficult, you can first do them every other day, then gradually move to daily practice. Do not be lazy. Very soon you will feel better. The health of your back is in your hands!

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back muscle exercises Exercises for the back with photo and video strengthen the spine at home

If you have serious problems with the spine, consult your doctor before doing the exercises!

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