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Class Rooms


Modern classrooms can no longer be places where students sit in perfect alignment, with their books and notebooks open, and listen to the teacher standing on the podium and reading out notes that he/she prepared years ago. This conventional picture no more exists at Lingaya’s. The current culture is diverse that actually apply scientifically proven learning methods. The ideal culture is not unidirectional. It is disciplined and efficient that not only drive student performance but also help to complete their education.

The students enjoy their class time and learn the information being taught. An ideal place that inspire them—spaces that are light, airy, and filled with examples of work that they aspire to do. Spacious well ventilated class rooms with centralized air conditioner, Smart class facilities, Modern Teaching aids and appropriate furniture as per the age of the students. We have a variety of spacious classroom settings. They are more traditional in the way that we envision classrooms now, but sometimes they set up outside or within an atrium or amphitheatre. The schools prioritize configuring classes to inspire learning first and foremost, and, where appropriate, reflect the diversity of environments that students are exposed to global setting. It provides student-centric environments—perhaps we’ll call them learning studios—where each student’s learning is personalized to meet his or her precise needs. Classrooms at all levels have interactive technology, books, and e-readers, and as much natural light as possible. Further, it also has non-traditional learning spaces such as huge gardens area, quad and places off campus. These classrooms reflect the transition that students are facing, allowing for independence but also providing a nurturing environment for curiosity