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Children learn better in groups with better discipline at the best boarding school in Faridabad

Children learn better in groups with better discipline at the best boarding school in Faridabad

best boarding school in Faridabad

Lingayas Public School keeps abreast with contemporary educational research techniques as the best boarding school in Faridabad. Long gone are the days of the chalk and talk sessions with students soaking up each word that the teacher uttered like the sands of the desert. Though the idea of one book and one teacher changing the world is a great idea, would it really be feasible with too many students and classrooms, schools and colleges in a mighty educational universe like India? Besides, students are gradually getting more and more stressed with all the technology around them and getting rude and undisciplined as a result of the political and anti-social elements who often target educational institutions.

LPS is at head of the list of private schools in Delhi. Classroom discipline and performance are thus getting more and more critical with all the forces tugging at the mind, heart and soul. You want one thing and the environment demands something else. It is comparatively easier to maintain order in a residential school with the students under the 24 hour care of the hostel authorities. Even then, martial law cannot be imposed and harsh punishments are being frowned upon globally. Child mental and esteem would suffer with the carrot and stick policy though practiced for an eternity. Law enforcement still uses force to discipline and the police still resort to violence on the streets to quall rowdy elements.

Working in groups is the answer in the modern school Faridabad classrooms

Welcome to the top rated schools in Faridabad! The one way traffic with the teacher’s voice going on and on forever does not work any longer, in spite of all the wisdom and experience that the teacher represents. It becomes a mere memory game to remember the lessons taught though understanding and inspiration may have occurred. There is enough evidence to prove that learning by doing and interactive lessons with a lot of materials like audio and video result in sustained understanding that would continue for long. The text book alone like the revered bible of the olden days is being supplemented with an interesting variety of teaching materials. Besides, the children nowadays mostly access internet learning materials by way of revision or exam preparation and so the classrooms have to keep pace.

Group work has been practiced in several situations like in the laboratories, library, outdoor exercise and games in picnics and parties. While the fun and relaxation element is more within groups, it may appear that it will not function well in academic learning in the classes. With careful instructions and mental preparation and making groups that combine the best with a few weaker students would set the scene well. The groups are then similar in talent and ability, maybe in groups of 5, 6 or 7, according to convenience and the size of the classroom. Seating in a circle spread out in the classroom, or even outdoors perhaps in the cool tree shade would be next. If you are looking for the best boarding school in Delhi ncr

Make several copies of the task, whether poem or passage or any subject matter

Each group receives a copy of the lesson that they need to study and answer some questions based on it after thorough discussion within the group. The teacher goes around supervising and clearing up doubts. It is necessary to be certain that all are participating in the work. They will take a minute or two to settle down but soon a hushed silence will prevail as they get into the task.

Advantages of such group work at the top ten schools in Delhi

  • Better cooperation and concentration
  • Discip0line is maintained in spite of initial hiccups
  • Participatory learning takes place
  • Students are able to manage their own study
  • Negative attitudes towards the teacher is controlled
  • Students get to do things like shifting furniture

Forget the idea of students seated like statues and silently learning right through the hour long class lesson! Such class teaching does take place now and then but greater group work and active participation prevents the child from getting stressed and restless with nothing to do except listen and frustrated with no action. Most children hesitate to ask questions if at all they are allowed, a majority cannot handle the sensitive question and answer session and the tight syllabus demands mean that no time is left for such doubt clearing. The common sense answer is the group work that brings some time for real learning and attending to personal doubts that may arise. It is not meant for revision but the first time study of a new topic that may be briefly revised later on.

Each group has a leader who presents the answers at the end with the feedback by the teacher and expert comments. Encouraging words complete the session at the best modern public school in Faridabad. Lingayas Public School shows the way to proactive learning.


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