Teachers at Lingaya’s Public School work hard at igniting student interest in lessons

 In a world of endless commerce where a variety of megabusinesses dominate the daily media and lifestyles, it is certain that the entire life would be spent in their shadow. Either you end up working for them or use their products! It is rightly said that the present world is one of communication and collaboration with all the technological media forms converging in every household. Critical thinking and curiosity, teamwork and leadership are skills developed in early school and learned further in higher education and professional training. The problem is that a majority of students spend the school days listlessly hearing all that the teacher says and routinely carrying out activities like garden work. A robust interest and involvement is hardly encountered and passions need to be aroused with teacher involvement in the first place. Rather than theories alone, Lingaya’s Public School thinks that igniting student interest in lessons should be done on a war footing. The schools in greater Faridabad do take pains to develop student interests in the lessons taught.

A mad rush to complete the syllabus on time

Every teacher is aware of a series of activities with each topic that is taught. The lessons may range from a single page poem to a novel of 200 pages in literature. Science has the advantage of several activities in the laboratory that give the students something to do and take the stress away from theory alone. Excessive theoretical study materials can become debilitating and mental energy is quickly consumed. Rote memorization begins and lessons are learned without really understanding them.

When teachers are asked about certain introductory activities to lessons, perhaps through audio and video files, the usual complaint is the paucity of materials and time. The rush to complete the lessons is the first priority for both the teachers and taught. Children get impatient if time is spent on activities that they consider superficial and unnecessary. If lessons are not completed according to the allotted periods, it would mean extra classes that are inconvenient to attend on holidays and at odd times.

What has been achieved by early syllabus completion is certainly lost in tepid student interest and the rote learning that has happened for centuries. The beginning of the lesson as mentioned in the written lesson plan should contain a dramatic activity to capture the essence of the lesson and sustain student interest especially with the more complex lessons. In language and literature, it is common simple practice to show pictures of the particular writer along with a brief biography. Perhaps taped interviews in audio or video files would bring the writer to life and help the imagination. So it can be with scientists and scholars according to the nature of the topic with illustrations depicting salient features of their lives. Digital art has put up many wonders that the students would take eagerly to. Even with a few minutes spent on such an activity, provided the needed files and equipment are available, would immediately arouse the attention. Perhaps the best school in Faridabad, Lingaya’s Public School believes that a creative firm foundation should be laid for igniting student interest in lessons.

Teachers research and devise suitable activities and gather the materials required

Instead of a mere few sentences to introduce the topic, teachers need to research further on lessons and writer backgrounds, themes and nature of content, and find interesting study materials. A few minutes may suffice. Perhaps the teacher taught the lesson each year for ten years and has it all by heart. Yet, it is all new and confusing for the girls and boys who are learning it for the first time. Meanwhile, the teacher is tiring after all that ten year reputation. It is a chance for the teacher also to find new and interesting materials to add fresh blood to the topic.

Like in biology, a walk around the campus with the students may provide fresh insights, though they look at the same scene every day. Writing what they see, think and feel during that walking around is a common writing exercise in language. Bigger projects could involve visits to a newspaper office or botanical park for specific outcomes.

Emphasize time, action and place like in drama

Following certain principles of drama, the top 20 schools in Faridabad wish to attract student interest to a particular time, action and place. Darwin would be better understood if his country and time were studied just like the background of Einstein is so very much different. By comparing with our situation in a particular milieu, children get a better perspective of the changing time and cultures. Would you not wish to study in the top schools in Faridabad where an important teacher activity is igniting student interest in lessons?


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