Lingaya’s Public School recommends a safety first digital study path

Starting in the 1990s, the internet world and the online technological revolution have spread far and wide. While it is true that some segments of society still remain outside the digital universe, many sensational advantages from digitalization are apparent. Who could have imagined that such a vast change would take place and transform human lives forever? Yet, in certain senses, nothing has changed, at least for some professions that do not use technology, like those who make a living in remote regions.  Considering the top schools in Faridabad, it cannot be denied that education has transformed a million fold because of the software world and many devices that use apps and display websites.

Technology in education

A range of apps and websites nowadays connect schools, teachers and students. Sharing like over social media has never been easier or more productive. Putting heads together in the virtual world enables a healthy give and take. No longer are the kids confined within the four classroom walls! The big, big world is knocking at the door. While studying deserts or mountains, the kids do not look at the pictures in the textbooks as they did in the past. The internet displays images and videos and allows interaction at every step. The study is certainly more effective with the children excited and involved rather than learning things by rote for the exam purpose alone.

The dangers of the digital

All the time, the negative aspects of the online world are being pointed out and the danger to mental health. Agreed that the mind from an early age is being stressed by digital devices, is there a way to stop or avoid the use of the digital devices? No way. Since it is necessary to move with the times and change and adapt, the digital world has come to stay as an essential way of life that affects every activity on the planet and beyond.

It should become a part of every family and school culture to impose some restraints on kids and prevent overdoing and exposure to evil influences. Just like timings being imposed upon television viewing and particularly during examination times, a similar restriction should apply to the online world. While it is true that evil influences abound online, the kids should be restricted to particular officially sanctioned websites.

Just imagine an artist or architect, writer or engineer. They would constantly be working with websites, software and apps that directly apply to the profession and not roaming here and there. Students similarly will not only work with the school websites but be prescribed certain apps meant for each subject. Just like avoiding certain notorious areas of the city, they should be learning to take care online.  Intimate guidance is the norm when it concerns the all school list in Faridabad and kids do adhere to the instructions for their own safety, like learning a set of traffic rules.

Policies that restrict websites and parental controls

It is hard to believe how much software is capable of. GPS is one such wonder that helps to track people, goods and automobiles anywhere in the world in real time. Kids could also be tracked all day to be sure that they are safe and at the designated places. Government policies do restrict certain websites from operating like crime syndicates and porn, but such rules should be made stronger. It is easy to make laws but difficult to enforce them. Parents also have certain software to restrict what websites can be viewed on the computer.

The best school in Faridabad believes that sex education and the dangers of the bad touch should be taught early to children. Though it is a sensitive subject, the result would be positive. Similarly, information about substance abuse and the criminal world should be passed on as a deterrent. In the world of today, it is hard to keep secrets and the ideal world approach will not work. Let the kids know the bitter truths beforehand.

Prepare for the digital future

Lingaya’s Public School thinks that digital devices should be encouraged rather than stressing the negative points. Now that digital devices have become great passports to an enlightened lifestyle with essentials at the fingertips all day long, is it not a great advantage? Study and work, communication, travel and play, experiments and research have all got speeded up in great dimensions. The sacrifice that is being made is peace of mind and the serene contemplation of nature that existed earlier. Life becoming artificial and technological is the price everybody has to pay.

The top 20 schools in Faridabad think that more time should be dedicated to sports and outings, picnics and perhaps yoga and meditationto balance the stressful effects of the digital world. The professional world is bound to have a greater share of digital devices. The list of schools in Faridabad had better start preparing early for that adult world of software in almost every professional field imaginable.

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