Lingaya’s Public School promotes the students’ social and emotional growth

Like a drama on an epic scale, the bigger schools play out their daily agenda, dispensing lessons that the students may carry across a lifetime. What looks like an impossible situation to the spectator is actually very well planned and executed. Laws and regulations, State and national guidelines adhering to the ministries are observed in every sense. Security concerns have been in the limelight of late. CCTV cameras and thorough verification of the staff background before recruitment are some policies as deterrents. An efficiently functioning school system does resemble a well-oiled machine and some parts that malfunction would require reorganization. Otherwise, teachers deliver lessons all day long according to lesson plans submitted and signed by the authority perhaps a week in advance.
The top schools in Faridabad aim for something more and that concerns the social and emotional growth of the girls and boys. It is certainly beyond psychology and economic factors. It is a humanistic approach and the children require tender, loving care in the school as an extension of the home. Indeed, in the eyes of the kids, teachers do appear like some sort of parents too. Are the teachers capable of handling something as sensitive as that?

Senior teachers have an advantage

In the contemporary society where success professionally is measured in terms of incomes and perks, possessions like cars and buildings, teachers have to struggle for many years. Unlike some professions like business management or information technology, hospitality and healthcare too, where promotions are quick, climbing the educational ladder for teachers may take many years. Teacher training is crucial to understand some of the nuances and develop a feeling towards the profession. The teacher training may replace the teaching job with a teaching career. How would an untrained teacher encourage the social and emotional growth of the young students?

Role play

The comparison of the school activities to the drama larger than life is true in many respects. Teachers appear like giants in that tender consciousness of students that is just developing. They know little of the material and moral side of life and the ideal world grows better every day. The little ones go home and tell their innocent tales of the activities during the day. The community in the school, and it could be a large one, naturally has a close connection with their social and emotional growth. It has been observed in the top 20 schools in Faridabad that difficult situations sometimes occur. Perhaps some child tantrums could lead to confusion or suspicion of foul play. A child reaching home late after playing with friends will raise an alarm situation.

Handling stress

Teachers at the beginning of their careers do face a few difficult years when they are caught in a dilemma. Their own social and emotional growth is at stake and handling pressure with regard to student conflicts or parental complaints may become too much sometimes. Frustration among inexperienced teachers is rather too common, though it may be bottled up or managed by the senior teachers who can understand the causes of the stress. Completing the course of studies satisfactorily within the allotted time frame in the classes may be challenging enough. Setting question papers and correcting answer papers besides the invigilation duties and obtaining excellent results may turn out to be too much in the beginning few years.

The pressure to perform well and get into the limelight concerns both students and teachers! The schools in Greater Faridabad like the schools elsewhere wish to be recognized and get a high ranking. Competition is rife in all things concerning modern life and there seems no other way. Businesses and governments, leaders and brands are all busy with the competition that can sometimes get rather tense. Besides the race to be among the best schools and teachers, handling the social and emotional growth of students positively is an added duty. Rather, the student character and development and their learning of social and teamwork skills should be considered at the head of the agenda.

The teacher is also learning!

It is strange but true that the teacher is also a learner. Imagine a teacher who newly joins the profession after training. While she teaches for the first five years, a student is there in the school for the same duration. While the student has witnessed social and emotional growth, the teacher has become experienced with professional development. Workshops are held for teachers besides the online facilities and the guidance of the seniors. The research in every subject proceeds so quickly nowadays that it is a bitter rat race to keep up with the developments. Yet, information or shall we call it data is the secret to staying ahead in the age of Big Data.

The list of top schools in Faridabad indicates that the social and emotional growth of students does get ample attention. What need to be handled are the inexperienced teachers who need some attention themselves. The idea of gaining experience extends to almost every profession equally well. May the new teachers continue to persevere with their noble teaching duties and be rewarded with seniority when the time comes.Lingaya’s Public School rewards dedicated teachers well.

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