Lingaya’s Public School is enlightening their educational infrastructure

Lingaya’s Public School is enlightening their educational infrastructure

Living in complex transitional times when education plays a vital role in changing lives, the realization dawns that school education lays the life foundation. Higher education after the completion of 12 years of schooling might train for jobs and careers but the fundamentals like character and language, manners and discipline are inculcated early in school. That is why quality schools with the adequate infrastructure are so important for national achievement and progress. Particularly at the present point of Indian history with a majority of youngsters making up the 1.3 billion people, it is all the more important to lay stress on good school education.

The dilemma that affects many schools

The top schools in Faridabad do feel concerned about the complexities that schools suffer from. It is obvious that many organizations consider education to be a business and spend the time making money rather than dispensing quality education. Sky high fees and donations at the time of admission along with contributions for various school occasions now and then add up to quite a lot of money!

While one would expect that the teachers are well paid too and doing well, the reverse is the case. Overburdened by teaching duties in congested classrooms, the teacher does the donkey’s work and carries home a tiny pay packet at the end of the month. Generating incomes from tuitions and answer paper checking are some ways in which the teacher could addto the income and make ends meet. Many private schools terminate the teacher services at the end of the school session and recruit them again when the new session commences in order to avoid paying the vacation salary.

Improving against Lack of school facilities

Crowded school buildings, perhaps of two or three stories, are numerous in any Indian city and they lack the physical infrastructure like playgrounds and assembly grounds. The emphasis is still on rote learning in many schools since there is only one correct answer for almost every question. Learning lessons by heart is certainly not the right goal of education. What about innovationand argumentative and analytical thinking? Examinations being rather simple too, like ticking multiple choice questions or choosing between true and false is also no big deal. The top 20 schools in Faridabad may be aware of such shortcomings, though they make a sincere attempt to avoid any such loopholes. It is concern for children and their future that promotes the ethical qualities in the schools.

Great effort in refining from inadequate classrooms and textbooks

Take a tour of remote areas and it is a shock to find many schools that do not contain the essentials of education. Just like a business cannot be imagined without finance, manpower, money and materials, how can education be complete without classrooms, furniture, books and teachers, blackboards too? While many things are found on paper, the realities are quite different and especially in remoteness where the media hardly reaches.

Lack of textbooks and notebooks is very common. Furniture is in short supply. Instead of concrete classrooms, it may be sheds and rough structures that provide shelter from the elements. The authorities may paint a rosy picture as if the system is working fine. As you cross from state to state in India, some terrible situations are encountered.

The best school in Faridabad realizes that urban schools present better study conditions. The spirit of competition exists in urban centers just like there are many job opportunities in cities. Agreed that ample evil is also found in city life, it is the same story of development worldwide in comparison to innocent villagers. Having the best of both worlds is rarely achieved.

The elitist approach spoils students with too much

On one hand are the students who have been deprived of sustenance and intellectual challenges in the prime of their lives. The spirit suffers and depression and the loss of vibrancy is the result with only mediocre jobs possible after vocational training. On the other hand, the elitist approach with some better urban schools also pampers and spoils students. When students have their way with every little demand, getting spoilt is the result. If the concerned agencies work together, it might be possible to find a middle path where all the students get the basic educational needs fulfilled. The list of schools in Faridabad wishes to extend educational facilities equally well to all the children so that a fulfilling career can be achieved in the interests of the society and country.

Miracles and magic cannot bring about a transformation. Yet, the all school list in Faridabad hopes that a better chapter is on the way for Indian school education. If finance, infrastructure, willpower and planning are properly managed, it is not an impossible dream to achieve. Corruption is eating away at the heart of education and should be controlled with strict laws by dedicated leaders.

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