Lingaya’s Public School endeavors to promote effective reading skills

Lingaya’s Public School endeavors to promote effective reading skills

Several research studies indicate that professional success directly depends upon the reading and comprehension ability. Strangely enough, the ability to read effectively is weak among a great majority of school students in India, though private schools are faring better. While reading comprehension and technology are not directly related to a particular language, the truth remains that it is English, the most developed global language. In terms of the number of speakers, native or otherwise, one does hear of Chinese, Spanish and French, Hindi too and Arabic, but they hardly figure globally in professional circles as much as English.

The top schools in Faridabad and Lingaya’s Public School too do realize that English is the mega passport and the superior skills of speaking and reading, listening and writing in English would go a long way to ensure a successful professional standing. In terms of technology, the software names are in English, though the browsers work in several languages. One does not wish to stress English with the universal love of the native language, but the international situation demands excellence in English. All the fuss about online availability and recruitments of jobs through online interviews takes place in a great majority of cases through the English language. Online learning covers a vast list of subjects and most of the courses are held through the English medium.

The absence of reading awareness

Language learning principles and the four skills are similar in every language. Many people may spend their entire lives conversing in Hindi, but the best job opportunities would be denied to them. The British rule in India laid the foundation for English education and many Indian writers and educationists have succeeded well globally.

Slow learners and those not exposed to the vibrant media that prevails nowadays and lacking in rich educational experiences would face weaknesses in reading ability. Not being able to read and understand communication and not being computer literate would become great handicaps in the world of the present.

What can be done to improve the situation from the early learning years in school? An emphasis on English comes up against the local language politics that dictates a three-language formula that prevails in every region of the vast country of India. That makes the language learning task very difficult with the family perhaps speaking a fourth language!

The child definitely faces mighty difficulty in coping up. At the same time, imposing English in every situation may not be feasible or practical. If the boy or girl grows up in a Hindi speaking family background as happens all over North India, the English language awareness does not get a chance to flower. The Faridabad all school list does realize the language battles that are going on and the tug of war between languages. Which is better, knowledge of the national language or an English passport to professional success?

How to improve the student’s reading and comprehension skills?

Mental skills and abilities, determination and perseverance, motivation and leadership qualities are not governed by a particular language. It is either by birth or training that the great professionals shine amidst international competition. In the early years, it has much to do with the family and school background. As practiced in most companies and in higher education like management, a separate study of professional development would help clear up the mind and introduce the salient aspects of the world of work.

Perhaps professional development activities like job applications and company knowledge could become a rewarding school club activity. Such activities prevail at the college level, connected with the fields of study. Such an approach is quite possible in higher secondary school with the segregation into arts, commerce and science. In earlier school years too, a consciousness of the working world needs to be built. In the western countries, youngsters work and earn incomes very early in life, perhaps during vacations.

Through the media and daily experience with parents coming and going from offices and factories, the child understands something about the working world. Yet, how are jobs obtained and what qualities are needed to succeed in careers? The child has no understanding and lives in a dream world. With the virtual online world so popular, it is a greater dream now, often quite separate from the harsh reality that surrounds.

Media-based activities to improve language skills

Lingaya’s Public School that many consider the best school in Faridabad encourages the practice of the four language learning skills in English. Never before in human history has the media and technology developed so much like in contemporary times. When the interest and understanding are ignited, the students find ample opportunities to listen to news programs, read online materials and express themselves in writing on social media. Speaking occasions do arise like participation in internet group meetings and webinars online. Such activities in addition to school-based activities would result in better reading and language comprehension and especially in English that will finally make a great difference in ensuring excellent student careers. May the list of schools in Faridabad succeed in improving student reading skills.

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