Lingaya’s Public School encourages story and drama in English teaching

A powerful technology-based media with a glut of English channels on television along with a print media of several leading newspapers in India should encourage English language learning. A gift of the British rulers, English as the most powerful and developed international language does a world of good for study and employment. Research and intellectual reasoning, administration and business meetings work so well in the medium of English. The top schools in Faridabad do wish to develop student skills in English in all four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Can language be separated from content?

The English teachers could collaborate with the several subject teachers of science or humanities. Each teacher works through the medium of English and some refresher tips in English teaching could be passed on. Though some of them may be rather bad grammatically, their interest could be aroused with some dedicated support. Once everybody realizes that it is a common goal, feelings would look up with a new awareness of English.

Since content is taught by the teachers of each subject, language teaching too should carefully select subjects that the students would be attracted to. Exercises in writing essays and stories on subjects dear to their hearts would attract the best efforts. Language cannot be taught in a vacuum by simply repeating sentence constructions but require a context. The best school in Faridabad makes an attempt to work with meaningful subjects for classroom writing and project development through information gathering.

Bringing the media into the classroom

Whether through audio and video files or internet-based exercise in writing or speaking or both, the infinite media facilities need to be used. It would be possible to make them an integral part of language learning at every school stage in the present times when babies have television channels dedicated to them. Children need to be entertained to keep spirits up and the cartoon channels have enough to keep them vibrant. Since the classroom often gets stifling, the children could take up outdoor lessons or activities perhaps once a week to keep them active, healthy and stimulated. Simply recording the sights and sounds and feelings during the outing would give little kids enough to do.

Learning several languages

English learning is the key to successful careers, at least in urban surroundings that have the best opportunities. Language learning gets more complicated because of language interference. Business people need to know several languages that would be a great advantage. In the Hindi speaking regions of India, it is simpler as compared to Bengali speaking families for instance. Learning two or three languages simultaneously is no joke at that young age with limited ability and experience. Care should be taken not to strain the child and adopt very simple lessons as a beginning. Further, it is a Hindi-English mixture rather than the international brand of English that is easy to learn, influenced by the regional culture. Naturally, the list of schools in Faridabad would be teaching the sort of language culture prevailing in the area.

Emphasis on English speaking in school

Starting simple, the use of English in speaking at least within school hours would be excellent practice in addition to whatever speaking lessons are included in classroom activities. Simple audio recordings of a sentence or two by each student and played back would immediately create greater interest to hear and judge themselves. Though cameras and mobile phones are so common, it would be a novel experience to work together on such a class project. Computer students could work on a short film made with software that assembles audio, video and graphics, music and titles.

Arousing interest through story and drama!

The world has always been in love with stories, whether it is love tales or religious mysteries. Library reading introduces children to tales of adventure like being lost on lonely islands. Some would lean towards science and technology. Science fiction has stunning stories too, though depicting unreal worlds. Constructing stories with elements of drama like dialogues and telling them aloud would give the kids enough to do and the teacher’s interest would rub off on them. The top 20 schools in Faridabad encourage creative writing as expression and competitions provide further challenges.

As children mature and even in lower levels, the idea of arguments can be fulfilling where choices have to be made. Starting with something simple like choosing between a bicycle and a car, pointing out all the pros and cons, there is no end to argumentation. Children would love such an exercise if it deals with the level of their experience and cars and bicycles are certainly very well known. Pets would also interest them.

A scientific basis to second language learning

Realizing the intrinsic difficulties, Lingaya’s Public School and the all school list in Faridabad encourages the best experiences to improve in English. Specific support and strategiesare developed to teach language and content together. Problem solving principles are followed with an interesting agenda. Groups work in organized learning patterns with sensory stimulus provide by the media.

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