Lingaya’s Public School encourages active student memories through planned strategies

The problem of retaining data in the memory has always been associated with studies and retention levels in student minds are suffering. Mind retention does not merely concern students, but everybody in all walks of life. The doctor needs to remember the lessons about symptoms and treatments each day and the driver remembers which gears are which. Though it seems that memory is taken for granted, it is necessary for the routine, repetitive tasks that each profession has to practice in order to make a living. At a tender age, the girls and boys are required to commit bits of information to memory like looking at a picture of an apple and learning the letters and the spelling for the fruit name.

Examinations and memory games

Until recently, the rote learning practiced in school education like learning mathematical tables dealt with learning by heart, often without understanding the meaning of the content. How and why 10 x 10 equals 100 was perhaps never understood in practical terms. Learning stopped at theory alone. With the new approach of learning by doing, everything is making better sense. Lessons go straight to the heart and mind instead of the mind alone. Retention of lessons would last much longer after the real experience through practical lessons.

Lingaya’s Public School discourages blind rote learning and insists upon a realistic understanding of the subject, be it history, language or mathematics. Even in subjects that are primarily data-driven like history, activities like charts and videos would help a practical understanding rather than learning names and dates alone.  Active student memories through planned strategies would help authentic understanding and retention. Like learning to ride a bicycle, the experience drives home the lesson forever. The top rated schools in Faridabad have been regularly organizing such activity-based lessons where the pupils really understand and get to the core of the issue.

The technology interference

In the face of smart technology that surrounds educational institutions as much as they do modern workplaces, the definitions of memory have changed. It seems that the brain has taken a second seat in the memory game after the various devices that store memory in massive quantities. If hundreds of books can be stored in a tablet or even a flash drive, what a powerful memory capacity they contain! Digital memories have negatively impacted human memory because we are constantly dependent upon the awesome powers of the internet. Within a few seconds, the internet would retrieve the most complicated data or names, dates, videos and images with a few keystrokes. The human memory seems to be receding in importance.

If you call Lingaya’s Public School the best school in Faridabad, one of the reasons is the insistence upon active student memories through planned strategies. Research proves that recalling the learned materials over several occasions would gives the information a better chance to be retained. After something new is learned, the information is rather quickly forgotten, unless applied in some sense. If you learn a lesson about planting seedlings, followed by actually planting a few seedlings in a group session, the facts would be retained, but for how long? After a week, perhaps the information is forgotten. If a weekly hour is spent on tending to the seedlings, watering and weeding, the learning andexperience continue.

The top 20 schools in Faridabad do practice plenty of the real life lessons that provide a live experience as a backdrop for many complicated lessons at all levels of school education. Getting out of the classroom for live experiences whether in biology or language may be interesting for students like a breath of fresh air, but the management often encounters discipline problems. It is a question of values and if the right foundation and instructions have been dispensed, it would become a valuable learning experience that will be remembered for a long time.

The role of videos and images in student learning

It is a global concern that AI, VR and AR created by technology are gradually replacing the real experience that is so valuable and healthy, stimulating and meaningful. While millions of videos and images are exchanged each day over social media, the power of words and language is certainly being undermined. Yet, it cannot be denied that language makes the images and videos more meaningful like in the movies with subtitles.

One important approach among the list of top schools in Faridabad to generateactive student memories through planned strategies is the regular tests and examinations that repeat the key lessons, but in creative and challenging new ways. An academic session is rather long and what was taught in the first few weeks will not last for a few months, forget about many years or a lifetime.

Go to the schools in greater Faridabad and active student memories through planned strategies make it possible to retain important thoughts and ideas, definitions and formulae through rigorous practical training. A list of all schools in Faridabadincluding Lingaya’s Public School believes in such strategies for the retention of precious information.

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