Lingaya’s Public School encourages academically weak students to succeed in life

Educational institutions like schools primarily teach academic syllabi and encourage students to learn from teachers and books to succeed in written, oral and practical examinations. It is hoped that the boys and girls would climb the academic ladder and succeed in higher education with no limits to the extent of degrees. Finally, hopefully, the adult citizens would become responsible and patriotic Indians who would contribute on the state or national level and give back to the society that nurtured them.  The best school in Faridabad certainly hopes that the students realize their innate potential and reach high in life.

Not all students succeeds academically

While each batch of students will certainly include a few rank holders scoring in the 90s in all subjects and topping public examinations, a few remain behind. For some reason, they cannot cope with the academic pressures and require tuitions to prepare for and barely pass the examinations. Such a situation is not new and it is known that some are not made for the academic life.

What could be the reasons for academic failure? Researchers will cite a number of reasons for weak academic performance and some will blame the teachers. It is true that the teachers are stuck with the same syllabus each year and boredom is the result. With interest gone, how will the teacher pass on enthusiasm and curiosity to the students? Further, discipline problems sometimes arise and controlling students becomes a major challenge.

The list of schools in Faridabad is of the opinion that academically weak students can succeed in life. Perhaps they are interested in a certain field of work. If the child belongs to a farming family, such a training may be best or the study of agriculture, according to interest. If it is a family business, study of business management may hold the student’s interests. It should be ascertained that the kids are truly interested in the family occupation.

Training institutions

Maybe vocational training institutes would give them better chances. The society is made up of a number of trades and the intellectuals are few. In the case of some academically weak students, recommending them for vocational training would be best. Consider teacher training and the different levels at which a potential teacher can study. A teaching diploma would be good enough for a start. Several courses online and in the digital world are opening up many more chances for short term training as compared to a few decades ago. Not all jobs require 3, 5, 7 year courses to succeed after completing degree courses. Those who are determined may be able to work or set up a small food business after training for a few months!

Access to relevant training and job information

Though the digital media has flowered beyond the wildest dreams and brings all kinds of information within touching distance, the teenager is vulnerable. Evil influences and substance abuse arise, along with crime that may attract with the hopes of easy money. Counseling in school and from parents should show the way and recommend something realistic, keeping in mind the capacities and interests of the students. Very high expectations would only result in disappointment. There are many cases of students forced to take up science and commerce by ambitious parents who eventually do not succeed. They need to change the course and that means wasted years and money. The top schools in Faridabad recommend meetings between teachers and parents to decide what would suit the child best.

Academic failure is not the end of the world!

Children who do not succeed at studies should not be looked down upon, though basic school education is required to understand the environment. Even if children cannot cope with books, they still need to learn values and soft skills. A sense of responsibility, fairness and patriotism should be imbibed. Work procedures need to be instilled and a liking for order and systematic endeavor. In boarding schools, many kinds of work around the school campus give expression to these work, rather than book, minded kids. Some years later it is found that they have succeeded very well at building their careers.

Teachers need to inspire

Whether bookish or not, teachers are the first inspirers in the young lives. Teachers in the top 20 schools in Faridabad work hard at building student resilience and molding character early in the schooling years. Whether in academics or in vocations, teachers need to inspire students with the desire to succeed, and avoid wasting their lives. High standards often succeed and some of the lofty dreams may be realized.

Lingaya’s Public School and the all school list in Faridabad do not discriminate about academic success. Every child needs to be blessed with success in life and for some it might be a craft or hobby that shows the way.


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