Lingaya’s Public School believes in the inculcation of positive discipline

Approaches to positive discipline in schools have changed in the recent decades as humanitarian policies have spread far and wide. No longer is it considered necessary or decent to harshly discipline a child who should be treated with tenderness. Don’t forget that the large scale colonization and slavery that existed almost across the world has now ended, at least on paper. It is true that injustice, cruelty and exploitation and crimes like human trafficking and smuggling of drugs and poaching yet exist and may never be completely eradicated.

Positive discipline without fear of getting penalized

Every organization like the list of schools in Faridabad and that includes penal laws of most countries prescribe corrective measures that often include harsh punishments. Imprisonment for short or long durations has become absolutely common with no alternative methods of isolating the individual who may otherwise pose a danger to society. Yet, within the prison walls, work is done or taught and wages earned for the effort. Corrective practices have commenced, though the individual will carry the stigma of a bad name. Thus, the society works under the shadow of the punishment threat and those who do not break the law are indirectly afraid of being penalized with fines or other measures. Does it mean that they would follow the wrong track if penalties did not exist?

Compared to the often nightmarish vision of society presented in books and movies, the world of the child is a garden of bliss. Yet, the carrot and stick policy, perhaps in a playful way, is practiced by many families and early school too. The system of rewards and punishments do apply, in whatever dimension or level. A sweet word, a toffee or biscuit, money or dress, even motorbike or car, would apply as rewards according to age or financial condition.

Harsh punishment like spanking and beating are on the way out after being followed for centuries and outlawed by many advanced nations where parents are penalized for such actions and the child may be taken away by law enforcement officials and a case registered. The Faridabad school name list insists on a gentle upbringing where relationships are important and built early in life.

Positive discipline in professional life

It may be a pretty dream world in school and college education, but what about adult roles in institutions or companies, governments or corporations? Just like the constitution that governs our country, each organization has a set of rules and regulations, with rewards and penalties prescribed. Even if it is an unwritten set of mutually agreed upon directives in tiny organizations setting up an office with a computer and a printer along with an internet connection, a system is created. When lapses occur, penalties would be attracted.

Lingaya’s Public School that belongs to the top ten schools in Faridabad also has its organizational structure governed by certain do’s and don’ts. On the face of it, every boy and girl knows that breaking certain rules will bring penalties and efforts are made to adhere to the system and timings, assignment dates and cooperation with teachers and administrators. Yet, there is never a harsh moment and nobody talks about such severe penalties and innocent minds are kept free from corrupting influences.

Though such dreams of innocence are bound to arise in the garden of many colored flowers that is the school, the truth is that the media nowadays have an evil influence. Fake news and morphed pictures over social media create the wrong impression and even worse lies in store for children who are allowed the freedom to surf the internet as they please. School and parental control remain necessary at all times and that is difficult to achieve. Children will occasionally walk on the wild side.

Positive discipline looks at the rewards

Instead of dwelling upon the dark side like wars and crime, evil and conflict, a positive approach helps understand the infinite possibilities of a good life of accomplishment. Gratitude to parents, respect for elders and the desire to serve society and the nation are some positive thoughts that get ingrained with the right upbringing. Though the world is getting extremely materialistic and technological, competitive and spiteful, we realize that the doves outnumber the vultures. Peace is possible and the triumph of culture, happiness, fairness and ecological balance are still possible. Building a sustainable planet is the most urgent task ahead.

The top schools in Faridabad like Lingaya’s Public School prescribe gentle corrective methods rather than wield the cane. Though we cannot say that violence has ended completely in the society, the top schools in Faridabad build an atmosphere of trust and understanding where no harsh punishment is needed. Such a policy is important because punishment creates fear and insecurity and does not achieve the correction target.

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