Lingaya’s Public School believes in dynamic and flexible classrooms

The march of school education commenced centuries ago in classrooms and that implied four walls and a floor and ceiling. Further, the essentials were the teacher, the textbook and the chalk and blackboard with a duster. The same situation prevails today in thousands of remote schools in India. Perhaps furniture is insufficient, buildings are scarce, books limited and the teachers are missing. Study under the tree could be equally effective. Research indicates that children learn better outdoors.

Yet, as society changes immensely under the impact of industry, science and technology, the need is felt for dynamic and flexible classrooms and Lingaya’s Public School believes that classroom facilities should keep up with the changing times.

The media in the classroom

Unlike the peaceful images of the village school amidst the greenery, the top schools in Faridabad make practical use of the media within the dynamic and flexible classrooms. In the K-12 situation, not all classes would think the same way but it is a society now that cannot exist without the internet and the social media, Children download learning and study materials associated with a hundred educational sites. At a young age, the boys and girls nowadays learn to play games over the internet or based on DVDs. Some students may not be able to imagine the whole day away from the excitement of the internet.

Considering the positive side of the media, interactive learning with the teacher illustrating with the sights and sounds of internet files would be much more effective than text books alone and the dull pictures in them. Dynamic and flexible classrooms should be using all the resources of the media and that represents the child’s future. Every work environment these days makes liberal use of media resources and that represents great progress by sharing resources across the world.

A home called the classroom

During the tender school years of innocent happiness, the boys and girls love nothing more than getting together with their friends in the classroom and spending the whole day there. Likes and dislikes may prevail and a few liked and disliked subjects or teachers for sure. Yet, there is nothing dearer to the child’s heart than that classroom.

It is natural that brightly colored posters and furniture too would appeal to the young minds and create a happy zone of imaginative comradeship. Exciting and interesting environments keep the child occupied and bring out their desire to study and play. Safety and comfort are paramount too and the school authorities do make an attempt to make the children feel at home. Would they be able to study well and bring out their best if they felt threatened or lived in fear?

Breaking away from rigidity

The idea of dynamic and flexible classrooms indicates that harsh rules should not apply and there is no fixed system that everybody has to follow or face the threat of punishment. The traditional rows of desks and chairs resemble some sort of military parade. Many alternate systems of arranging furniture are possible like in board meetings in a circular manner, if space allows. Seating children in study groups around the classroom works very well. Besides, group work has become an important method of discovering lessons by themselves rather than being spoon fed all the time.

Healthy dynamic and flexible classrooms

Perhaps it needs to be taken for granted that the best classrooms pay adequate attention to the health factors like light, temperature and ventilation. Just imagine a group of kids together within the same confined space hour after hour! Breaks do come but they are brief. Overcrowded classrooms just won’t do and dimly lit surroundings make it impossible to see green boards well or the other educational charts and materials. Children only pretend to study in such circumstances and carry home ignorance.

Stepping outdoors need not be restricted to games and march-pasts or the morning assembly alone. Certain subjects like the study of natural sciences and drama lessons in literature are well suited to outdoor activities. The top ten schools in Faridabad do provide a comprehensive approach by providing stimulating variety and change of locations for educational experiences, thus breaking down the tedium associated with prolonged classroom study. Watch the children’s faces light up with intense fervor when they are led outdoors for a surprise lesson in the cool shade.

The purpose in promoting dynamic and flexible classrooms in the list of schools in Faridabad is to promote creativity and tap the innate potential of the kids. A military approach is fine for discipline but what about the heart and soul?

In the Faridabad school name list, Lingaya’s Public School has built a sound reputation of stimulating educational experiences through facilities and resources that build personality and ideas. It is a comprehensive training that brings out the finest qualities and builds a foundation of excellence for a meaningful life based on ethics and values.

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