Lingaya’s Public School believes in correcting errors and finding solutions

Look around and the realization immediately dawns that it is a fiercely competitive universe. The pursuit of perfection is geared towards the achievement of success in the different sectors that are multiplying in the new age. In the mighty speed of the technological world, it appears that mistakes will not be tolerated. Mistakes can be very serious, though, if traffic rules are violated, for instance, or machinery and chemicals handled wrongly. Nature’s whims have no explanation and no entity to blame, though scientists can get at the causes of floods and typhoons.

As compared to the complex tension-filled universe, the school life presents an aura of innocence and peace, comradeship and trust. Lingaya’s Public School tries along with the other top schools in Faridabad to create a pretty nurturing garden of happily shared experiences to provide the best support in the growing years. The first impressions matter so much and care is taken to ensure an ideal life for the little ones and the teenagers alike at all the stages of the schooling experience.

Learning is a trial and error process                          

When it comes to lessons that begin simply enough with the alphabet and the numerals, errors will be made. The simplest reading, writing and arithmetic involve the making of mistakes and then correcting them. Harsh punishments like writing a sentence twenty times may sometimes be resorted to. While making a mistake immediately brings about a guilt feeling, mistakes are only to be expected in the process of doing, practicing and learning. Yet, the child who does the mistake is often pointed fingers at in a situation like a group activity where one child making a mistake seems to bring the score down.

Mistakes in certain situations may require a price to be paid, like the many quiz competitions held on television where mighty earnings are destroyed with silly mistakes in answering questions. If mistakes are so common after all in the adult world too, it is certain that efforts are often made to hush it all up, even at senior levels. Yet, efforts will continue to get closer to perfection, like the archers in the international games.

A positive attitude towards errors

Instead of ignoring errors or trying to sweep them under the carpet, no matter the subject or lesson, remedial learning often concerns those errors. When teachers hand over the corrected answer scripts to the children, such corrections of errors are common practices. Whether it is science or English, humanities or commerce, the same principle applies. So it is with the homework exercises that may not get much attention, but they should. It is time shortage andthe large classes that make it difficult to render individual attention. The boarding school culture is more accommodating and considers mistakes a necessary part of the learning process and peers would help out the struggling novices. Teaching each other is a welcome practice in institutions that lead to a greater understanding rather than the rote learning that has plagued education terribly.

Accepting mistakes and realizing what went wrong and correcting them in the right spirit is the opposite of rote learning that takes place with no real understanding. Without practical lessons and a relevance to the surroundings, lessons hardly register. Images and videos along with some activities like the technology-based initiatives would firmly drive home the lessons. Ways and means of creating interest in school like the concerned staff, well designed buildings and exciting programs of study along with outings are some approaches. Lingaya’s Public School constantly upgrades student learning experiences and deserves to be called the best school in Faridabad.

Avoiding the blame game

Not only at the school child level, but in business and political scenarios too, one finds the blame game culture very much prevalent. It is a negative attitude, but then severe competition may make it necessary to blame and put the other person down so that success may follow for the protagonist. Mutual cooperating and teamwork, an effective and understanding leadership and a sharing of responsibilities would avoid the blame game.

When things go wrong, accountability is important too and that is why managers and heads are appointed to ensure smooth success in projects. A procedure exists for any kind of activity and ample materials are found online to supplement individual experience. Nobody today can claim to be devoid of study materials with so much happening online. It is assumed that everybody nowadays is computer literate, though that may be far from the truth.

The list of schools in Faridabad thinks that errors are necessary in the learning process and corrections show the way to understanding and rectification. On the other hand, it is best to avoid the blame game and work towards a joint solution to problems. The Faridabad all school list supports such a healthy approach to the learning adventure.

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