Lingaya’s Public School believes equally in competition and learning

The school system in India on a massive scale is divided between the government schools and the private schools. It is hard to imagine the schools, teachers and students in sheer numbers. It is better to concentrate on a single state like Haryana or city like Faridabad when the scale narrows down and understanding may be achieved. It is often said and commonly believed that the private schools are very commercial and exist merely for profit making. That is certainly not true when it comes to the leading chains of private institutions spread out all over India.

The top schools in Faridabad are very serious about the standards of education given to the boys and girls. Education is certainly a preparation for an active and productive life and the school lays the early foundation. Higher education builds higher upon that basic foundation. Another common complaint is that students do not receive individual attention and that may be partly true because of large student numbers. Yet, teachers are only human and do the best they can. Tuitions and remedial teaching become necessary for several reasons.

The competition versus learning syndrome

Many people believe that private schools teach superficial things and do not insist upon deeper comprehension but teach children to be competitive. It is true that the competitive spirit is very important,principally in the present with tremendous development of technology, economy, and lifestyles. The cosmopolitan spirit has entered the Indian psyche with the television and the internet and standards are high.

Perhaps some such schools exist to make a fast buck at the expense of student careers but Lingaya’s Public School stands firmly by its principles, vision and mission for the development of the individual and society. The list of schools in Faridabad is dedicated to developing the physical, emotional and mental faculties of the boys and girls to give them the best chances of personal and professional development. Along with style, substance is also needed for a fulfilling life. Along with the structure of bones, the flesh is essential to make up the complete body.

Certain professions like the services like the delivery boys in every city require a high level of competition and smartness and look no further. They do not need a particular knowledge of the field but a briefing will suffice. On the other hand, certain jobs like teaching will require subject knowledge though the teaching skills are important too. The teacher training courses combine both areas.

Which is more important?

A housewife needs to know the basics of housekeeping and cooking, attending to children and general awareness of safety and medicines to put up with problems. Security services and the armed forces need intense physical skills and endurance testing. One does not know what the child’s future will be though aptitude tests and interests and hobbies do indicate what the future will bring. Often, the parents decide the future of children and that may not be the right choice.

The best school in Faridabadwhich is Lingaya’s Public School thinks that at an early age, children need to be taught the competitive spirit and the love of learning. Many are the scholars and teachers who have dedicated their entire lives in the pursuit of a single subject or field of study. Conversely, many meaningful lives have been lived in the interests of family, though no deeper knowledge was required. Which are the better or more productive lives?

A race to accumulate data

If the present is defined as an age of data, everybody is constantly being fed with information from a variety of media sources. The average citizen is learning much more than needed. Yet, many professions and lifestyles do not require much information, but only a few skills and the desire to excel and rise along the professional ladder. That would be a life only half lived.

Each must pursuea career or a subject, accumulate knowledge and shine in the chosen field. A life of success and happiness is assured with such a dedication. It will be of benefit to the family, society and country if each has a field of intense devotion to pursue all life long, though changes of profession may happen to allied areas. Catering, hospitalityandairline companiesare all connected, for example.

Teachers and parents in the Faridabad all school list help students to find their true calling. In most cases, it is possible to identify what the suitable career path would be. In many cases, children have a clear vision of the professional goals they wish to pursue. Others may need counselors and some lose the way and join the wrong course and regret in the college.

Giving equal weight to the competitive spirit and searching for deeper knowledge in a chosen field would combine well in fulfilling social and professional goals.

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