Lingaya’s Public School and student and teacher trauma management

In recent times, after a few horrific incidents, school security has been tightened and CCTV cameras are everywhere to record what is going on. The usual school environment with uniforms and badges and a military like assembly and parade does give the impression of absolute discipline. Yet, it is obvious that kids are soft targets and that makes it possible to attract and exploit them. GPS software could add one more element to the safety protocols and parents would be able to track child movements all day long. As far as possible, children should not remain unattended and work in groups rather than alone. The top schools in faridabad do have an effective mechanism in place to ensure student well being.

While it is a dream world of happy learning adventures all day long, it is certainly necessary to remain on alert. The institution is headed by several senior educationists and the security staff makes sure that the ambience is safe and free from fear and violence. In terms of classes, it is the class teacher who supervises the daily working and administrative issues. Even in the absence of the class teacher, the individual subject teachers cater to the needs of the boys and girls.

Getting down to the details, emotionalmanagement, particularly when traumas arise that may happen rarely enough is a point of concern. Though one would be tempted to think of doctors, nurses and counselors to attend to such situations, they are not always available or necessary. Every parent and teacher possesses the essentials of what it takes to take care of depressed and emotionally frustrated children due to certain problems in the home or elsewhere. Trauma management is getting to be a serious concern at the top schools in Faridabad and Lingaya’s Public School is one of them.

Even in normal daily school functioning, taking care of children’s feelings and emotions all day long can be quite a challenging task. Those little problems will inevitably arise, mostly unreported to the school authorities and managed by the teenagers themselves. Kids and staff too are human after all and cannot be expected to function as efficiently as machines. Little vanities, whims and fancies must find expression and a certain amount of freedom would be called for, rather than being suffocated by rigid rules.

Very high expectationsfrom children in terms of academic or sports performance also create tensions. Compelling students to take up elective subjects that they are not interested in or capable of becomes a common issue that gets in the way of achievement. Children need to be indulged in those little ways with a word of praise or a friendly pat, though bodily contact is nowadays frowned upon.

Meaningful trauma management, when the need arises

The hectic pace of modern life in the Indian mega cities with all the tensions and pressures in the adult world would have an impact upon the children. Noise, pollution and population pressure create excessive stress along with political and legal uncertainties, though innocent kids may not feel part of it. The multidimensional happy world needs to be preserved for the younger ones.

It is usually a family crisis like a divorce or death that leads to such a situation when expert trauma management is called for. Emotional security is perhaps as important if not greater than social, economic and physical safety. Unless somebody is emotionally secure, optimum performance is not possible in study, work or play. The teachers and the school staff are already mentally prepared to deal with delicate situations concerning children.

Emotionally scarred children cannot miss school and would have nothing to do at home, making the situation even worse. Dealing with them tactfully and taking care of their emotions is easier said than done. Adjusting to such situations is difficult enough for adults too, and the kids do not really understand the depth of complications that arise when parents separate.  When they have to take sides with a single parent, the situation is even worse. Two or three children of different ages would stand a better chance of coping with the changed situation as compared to a single child. Sickness, accident and death are other events that require careful handling in order to minimize further stress to an already weakened emotional state.

The teacher-parent cooperation

The school and the home exist within the same society, guided by similar customs and laws. An effective parent teacher association would shield the kids from such dangers of emotional upsets and care for them during those difficult days. Hand in hand, parents and teachers render effective trauma management at Lingaya’s Public School that is among the top institutions in the Faridabad school name list.In certain stressful situations that concern teachers’ lives too, such an approach would bring greater healing of emotional scars experienced by afflicted teachers who deserve similar care.

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