Lingaya’s Public School advocates a sense of campus community

Lingaya’s Public School advocates a sense of campus community

Educational institutions the world over like the list of schools in Faridabad at whatever level share much in common. An inspiring thirst for knowledge and a desire for excellence, value systems, peace and harmony are common and crucial among teachers and students. Though education, like everything else, is getting automated and technological, the human qualities must reign supreme. A campus should spread out against a backdrop of nature with ample green spaces rather than the congested buildings in the heart of the urban concrete forest and truly represent the values of freedom, good health and earthly preservation.

The top schools in Faridabad do represent the oasis-like world that education really is amidst all the hustle and bustle of modern life and endless tensions and evils. Nurturing young minds and preparing them to face the complexities of the 21st-century professional and family life of the future is challenging enough. Besides, the entire process of education is very long and sometimes bitter and full of pitfalls. Lucky is the boy or girl who completes the minimum of 15 years of school and college education without a hurdle. Maybe the great majority achieve successful education and good job placements too.

A community approach to successful education

Successful family life resembles the school community in the philosophy of give and take. Mutual care and concern, friendly advice and counseling, tapping opportunities, improving skills and reaching for the sky are some attributes that would bring success to all. Visitors and guests to the educational campus can feel it in the attitudes and spirit, functioning and interactions at all times. A cheerful and optimistic, colorful and intense approach prevails and it is an infectious feeling that spreads everywhere and across the world too through online and social media communications.

Everybody in that closely knit family that makes up the school campus is interested in accomplishment and development, whether in examinations or otherwise. While the immediate focus may be on the students who are the customers who keep the wheels of business moving, it is the teachers who are running the show. The students will succeed if the teachers fulfill their dreams and vice versa. It is a win-win situation when both students and teachers get their due, but how?

Education, like the universe itself, has no limits and the mountains millions of years old are still growing! Students are constantly getting promoted to higher grades and remain active and hardworking. The risk is that teachers may stagnate, while they should be getting updated in two ways, the teaching subject knowledge and educational practices. In the primary level, several subjects may be taught by a single teacher but specialization would be necessary at the high school level onwards. The best school in Faridabad feels concerned about upgrading teacher development just like the concern about student achievement.

How can teachers find better opportunities?

Nowadays, when India has progressed so far along the digital path like the rest of the world, many opportunities are coming through the media. Finding better jobs need not be the solution for teachers. Many exceptional teachers have served a single institution all their lives. Improving skills and competencies, abilities and ideas may be achieved even through short online or correspondence courses in order to improve the range of experience and learn a new module. Enlarging the field of experience is the objective and widening the field of work would be thus possible.

Soft or hard copy publishing, maybe both

The teaching subjects and education provide a vast canvas to publish research papers or small books that reveal original content. Whether realistic themes or fanciful like creative writing like stories, professional development is achieved with such publishing that reaches all the right people and is reflected in the promotion and qualifications criteria. Small things sometimes go a long way. Vanity or self-publishing, find a way if a will exists. Publishing is the right way to communicate in a world gone mad with excessive information. Lingaya’s Public School certainly encourages teachers to express in unique ways and search for professional development opportunities. The top 20 schools in Faridabad are equally interested in the futures of students as they are concerned about teacher development.

A common shared vision of enduring cooperation

Along with the teachers and the taught, an educational campus comprises many more kinds of workers. Whether the campus extends to a few hundred square feet of congested buildings or 10 kilometers of greenery with advanced facilities, the family spirit must exist. Getting rid of anger, hatred, jealousy and spite, the finer values must prevail. National aspirations with patriotic themes and the advancement of the society are sterling values. What better inspiration than the recently inaugurated Statue of Unity? The all-school list in Faridabad wishes to find the best opportunities for students and teachers, but not by sacrificing values and dignity.

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