Lingaya’s Public School advises a judicious use of technology by students

The technology question and the widespread use of mobile phones for communication and trade, social media and education, employment and interviews raise certain questions. Webinars are taking over the status previously occupied by seminars. While the spread of the internet has lit up the remote regions with education and employment, certain dangers are obvious. The creation of a virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality has given rise to a technological halo and everybody works under its influence.

Lingaya’s Public School, just like all the top schools in Faridabad, does realize that the present world requires the use of technology and software, apps and devices in order to speed up life processes. Whether it is work, study or play, business or administration, the setting up of technological networks makes greater sense than ever before. Needing to keep up with the times, getting constantly updated is the best way to go.

Guarding against the abuse of technology

Like all the good things of life, the danger of abuse affects technology too. Just like being stage-struck or passionate about cinematic careers, the online world is something similar, as if under the spotlight on the stage. The lights and colors, graphics, sound, animation and websites along with the numerous pretty apps can certainly turn the head and particularly so of youngsters! No wonder it is that real social connections are being lost while social media online connects across the world.

Realizing the dangers of being distracted from studies and guarding against misuse, school authorities prohibit the bringing of phones to school. The list of schools in Faridabad takes preventive measures to make sure that the children do not get a chance to indulge in mischief with their phones. Basically innocent, the kids may end up playing all sorts of weird games with their phones.

Becoming slaves of technology

Regarding the virtual reality that everybody talks about, it is a tricky situation, just like virtual friends who do not really exist. Research and surveys indicate that such virtual learning does not succeed in real life situations. What it means is that the lessons learned in the virtual world are not remembered in real life situations. That seems to be an alarming fact and what can be done to guard against it?

Living all the time under the influence and involvement with technology may lead to an addiction and that is the truth about some fanatics. While IT workers may spend all their office hours working online, they get regular exercise between work sessions and do eye exercises to guard against dry eyes.

Children with their impressionable minds, on the other hand, are easy victims who get dominated by all the wonders of ever-increasing software wonders and graphics along with images and videos. Too much of anything can be destructive. Where to draw the line? How can children be restricted in the use of technology? Kids will play with their mobile phones of course and use the features like cameras and social media to great use. A mighty industry depends upon that.

Technology in education

Perhaps the best school in Faridabad, Lingaya’s Public School, believes in the moderate use of technology. The basic lessons in each subject are delivered by the teacher. Once the foundation is laid, experiments, field trips, writing and debate, assignments and portfolios are developed. The initial lessons need to come from a human source, be it teacher or parent. Each subject has several learning apps and websites to refer for more information that comes as a challenge to improve knowledge and skills.

 Now that human lives are dominated by technology in the home and elsewhere, even classrooms with their smartboards make great use of online resources and use images and videos to teach. The textbooks use pictures alone. While children enjoy all the fuss that surrounds the screens of the present day, getting dominated carries certain risks. A few slides and images, a few minutes of video would suffice to teach most lessons. How the lesson is introduced is of vital importance and some creativity would be required in the teacher to boost lesson plans and ignite student curiosity.

A healthy concern for student physical and mental health and careers and a realization of the dangers of excessive technology are common to the Faridabad all school list. While computer literacy is essential for survival in the present world and putting up with the tech savvy lifestyles, overdoing it will be dangerous to health and mind. The result would be living in a daze of confusion with numbing headaches and disorientation. A judicious use of technology, like parents supervising mobile phone use, just like they restrict television watching, would go a long way to preserve the balance between reality and the online world.

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