Lingaya’s Public School actively encourages the benefits of reading

It may be rightly said that the reading skills make up most of what education stands for. Not only do we read the hard copy newspapers and online materials every day besides some content on television, but the student days begin with learning to read and write, starting with the alphabet and tiny words. The reading will continue all lifelong with the skills improving with time and practice, leading to greater complexity of thinking, argument and ideas. If the national constitution and the laws are contained in the medium of language, reading them is the only way to decipher and interpret them. Lingaya’s Public School belongs to the community of the top rated schools in Faridabad and makes sustained efforts to inculcate the reading habit among the boys and girls.

The benefits of reading are similar to being enlightened. Just imagine how many books and other materials would be read by an individual during a lifetime! In the days when the written script and printing were not developed, so much depended upon the teacher and the vocal lessons as a transmission of knowledge. Though times have changed so much nowadays, we still need a teacher to light up the path to knowing. Yet, too many media channels have made our lives a heaven of information, but hellish too with excessive technology that stresses the mind no end. It would be good to take weekend breaks and annual vacations in remote holiday destinations to get away from the urban and technological pressures.

At this temple of learning which is often referred to as the best school in Faridabad, excellent library facilities and access to good books inculcate the reading habit early in life. Guided reading is the way to go with the teacher setting an example by reading aloud in the class and recommending the books to be read. The idea of a class library does bring children face to face with the books, easily selecting and carrying books home to be read. If you simply leave it all to the whims of children, some will read while others will not. Like bitter medicine that must be consumed no matter what for the health of the child, reading is essential to a good life.

The model teacher and thebenefits of reading

At a young age and right through the schooling years, the role model is needed just as in all professions and activities. How would children and the youth learn otherwise? Withsoftware and automation, tasks have become so much simplified though some people are losing their jobs because of robots. Children reading on social media and online websites may be getting common but the old fashioned storybook has many advantages though the same could be read online or on tablets. The obsession with mobile phones has become a hurdle in the proper development of children in early school. Parents do have a role to play and need to restrict both television watching and mobile phone usage, especially during sensitive times like examinations.

While it used to be the Enid Blyton books of adventure once upon a time that attracted children so much, nowadays it maybe Stephanie Meyer. Tastes have changed and sensationalism and keeping up with trends is becoming very important. Besides, whatever is communicated via multimedia with all the sound, action and drama is more appealing.

Among the benefits of reading at the top 20 schools in Faridabad is to develop a literary awareness and a love for language and character, themes and ethics and values. Encouragement by the teacher by actually listing out books to read and relating personal experiences of reading would go a long way. Forming reading groups and discussing a particular book within the group would help. Divide the class into groups of 5 or 6 as convenient. First,the students discusthe book within the group. At the endof the period, each group delivers a presentation, each for a different book. The teacher ends with a few expert comments and further encouragement.

Among the many benefits of reading is to develop language skills and the power of imagination. Understanding the world is achieved in several ways like through the study of science, history and geography. Perhaps even more important in terms of a successful existence and productivity is to understand people!

According to the different levels within the school, the list of top schools in Faridabad does recommend books and websites that deal with reading and books. While it is true that reading and written language are intricately linked, the two activities should be coordinated. The power of expression and artistic skills may develop through painting and graphics, dance and drama too. Lingaya’s Public School believes in personal interest in the boys and girls through a combination of teacher and parent teamwork in order to develop artistic expression, language and culture.

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