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A significant purpose to drive young learners at Lingaya’s Public School

The journey involving the toddlers to begin with and their education right through the various stages of school and college is truly mind-boggling. Looking at the process like a ladder to be climbed one year or rung at a time makes a lot of sense. Avoid simplifying something that continues for fifteen years at the very least, probably far longer.

Can so much be achieved without a motivation and purpose? Where is that supposed to come from? What do the psychologists say?It is not uncommon to hear students ask questions that have no answers. Why are we born? Why are we here? The theory of the absurd asks such questions and some authorities and writers, artists and thinkers have failed to find systematic meanings of life. Amidst all the complexity and wars, controversies and violence of the present times, it is sometimes difficult to be positive.

A positive approach

Perhaps the definition that ‘life is duty’ is the most appropriate definition. Making a living is paramount and the peddler on the street and the soldier who lives by the sword is similar in that respect.  Every profession is united in that aspect of earning incomes that would support the dire needs of food, shelter and clothing. Initially, it is the family environments and then the school that holds the boys and girls by the tender hands and teaches them to walk and speak, eat and wash.

Though it is purely imitative learning to begin with, that positive approach catches on and the work, study and play sessions take on a positive meaning. It is a long way to go yet before the question of earning a livelihood can be imagined.

The Lingaya’s Public School world of values

The top schools in Delhi do inculcate a significant purpose and a positive approach in the formative years in addition to what the parents teach at home. The journey through the primary, middle and high school is similar, except that experience is widening and the surrounding is making greater sense and meaning. Trying to get into the mind, heart and soul of the teenage students can be difficult work. Let us imagine their minds as a clean slate and the daily round of experience adds to the records.

Setting examples would be the best method of teaching values along with the interactive and participatory approaches nowadays followed across the globe. Learning by doing and handling objects and gadgets, while undergoing fun experiences inside and outside the classrooms, would imprint the lessons in the memory. Whatever is learned would remain longer within the mind.

Ideas like equality and dignity of labor, helping the elders and respecting them are best taught through situations and role play. No wonder it is that drama has become such a potent tool to mold student minds and bodies, personalities and thinking.

Developing the personality atLingaya’s Public School

It is a dreamlike fantasy world in which the students live right through the school years at the top ten schools in Delhi. In that ideal world, ethics and values, honesty and hard work are slowly, indirectly taught through writing, play, talks and activities. There is no looking back after reaching class seven for instance, since there is so much that lies ahead.

The significant purpose and the positive approach remain unseen and may appear intangible but they are developing beneath the surface. Unless some problem arises like discipline lapses, fighting or copying or stealing, we know that everything is on the right track. When it concerns youngsters who are naughty and playful by nature, some such lapses are only to be expected. It is a blessing in disguise perhaps when something untoward happens because it is a reminder to everybody that certain things are wrong or dishonest.

The worship of success

Along with the common idea of duty that extends universally, and that is what everybody in the society is busy doing, comes the success formula. Programmed to succeed as we all are in this acquisitive world, such lessons are better learned early. A business family may be more tuned to worldly success while a service oriented family may worship promotions and high positions. In both cases, it is achievement that is being sought. Two alternative ways reach the same goal like the different rivers joining up at the sea.

Among the very long list of private schools in Delhi list of private schools in Delhi are some like Lingaya’s Public Schoolthat have a mission to fulfill. The school ensures a world of values and ethics that would be ingrained in each child. Some lessons remain all through the life of service and returning to the community that sustained you. The life story begins with the significant purpose and the positive approach that the family and early schooling teaches to be sustained through the adult years.

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