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Lingayas Public School Facilities

We have a fully equipped library in our school that can be used to gain knowledge on the things outside the syllabus of school. We have latest editions of books and journals, books for competitive exams, story books, magazines that showcase the latest happenings in the respective fields and much more

In every school, it is crucial to have a medical clinic with a permanent doctor so that any medical emergency can be handled efficiently. At Lingaya’s, we ensure that students are not devoid of topmost medical care when they are ill or when they accidentally get hurt. We have all the facilities for providing basic care to the students and teachers alike so that the students can continue with their studies and teachers can carry on with the teaching

We provide transport facility to all the day scholars and staffs so that they can reach the school without any trouble. We have fully Air Conditioned buses that are safe and keep students free from any kind of pollution. School buses pick up and drop the students at the designated stops, which can be decided by students according to their convenience

We encourage people to be creative and one of the ways is to have attractive and colourful classrooms, which we have at our school. Throughout the learning process, students learn only in the well-lit classrooms with centralised AC. We also provide smart class facilities that aid in teaching in a best possible way.

We not only provide theoretical knowledge to the students but also impart practical knowledge to make students understand the concepts in an extensive manner. We encourage students to go beyond the syllabus and do their own research in the labs and ask questions related to it. We have many laboratories to serve this purpose and help students to develop academically.

We conduct competitive exams on regular basis to test their knowledge and competencies in the subjects they study and also, their practical knowledge. The exams conducted are NSO, NSIO, IMO, NSTSE, Olympiads, Aryabhatta, etc. This allows students to know their level as they compete with hundreds of other students. With this, they also get innovative ways of learning and they become open to fresh ideas.

We provide ample of opportunities to students so that they can engage with present academic and cultural developments. We educate and empower students to get enough knowledge in the fields they choose, from politics, academics to creative areas and business. Our educative style is not based on the marks obtained in the examination but on the skills and knowledge the students obtain. This keeps students from taking stress of getting high marks in the exam.

With an aim to instil a deep love for getting knowledge and performing better every year, we want to become the best school in Faridabad and impart instructions to maximum students in and around Faridabad.