Principal’s Message

’Education cannot be effective unless it helps the child to open up for life’

Lingaya’s public school, Faridabad, stands strongly committed with its students as citizens and future nation builders. We strive towards preparing our children for the road not the road for the children. Right from the launch of the school we will provide the best nurturing ground where the students carve a niche for themselves and grow with each passing year.

Our commitment is to motivate and inspire our students to achieve their fullest potential to help them develop a lifelong love for learning while giving them knowledge and confidence to play full role as an active global citizen and a good human soul.

At Lingaya’s Public school, Faridabad, it shall be our constant endeavor to nurture the inquisitive sprit of our children and encourage scientific temperament and strengthen social bonds.

In my teaching career of over two decades, I had an opportunity of serving best schools across the length and breadth of the country and overseas.

It fills my heart with pride that I am now part of the    prestigious LPS, family. It will be my sincere endeavor to lead the institution to unparallel heights.

We share our cultural backgrounds to nurture growth, responsibility and productivity within a positive school atmosphere.

What we want to see is


We are committed to give every child an equal opportunity for personal growth and at the same time arm them

with special skills.

I wish every student all the very best for all their future pursuits.