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About Us

Lingaya’s Public School under the umbrella of LINGAYA’S Group is a dream venture of the iconic visionary Late Prof. GVK Sinha. The campus sits on 4.5 acres in village KANWARA surrounded with rural suburbs towards the countryside. The school aims to provide niche education to the students of remote areas with a clear commitment to becoming an exceptional and inclusive institution that transforms the lives of our future generation. This commitment still underpins everything we do.

Lingaya’s believe that children have the potential to achieve greater heights in life in one or the other areas. We are committed to our pursuit of the highest standards possible in education and we are determined that they will excel regardless of their preparatory points or personal circumstances.

We want all our students to flourish and to become creative, confident and caring citizens who are happy in themselves, thrilled about learning, and being ambitious for success. They are equipped and well prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We place emphasis on doing the very best for the children, and from this comes lots of innovation, high standards, and excellence. As a result, our school is extensively considered an educational leader.

We tender a strong academic curriculum and utilize teaching techniques tailored to the needs of each and every student. The school equips students with the paraphernalia necessary to overcome the obstacles blocking their way to academic and personal success. Because of small class size and an outstanding staff, we are better able to proffer our students individual attention and accordingly, individual areas of strength are acknowledged, struggles identified, and learning programs are designed cautiously to meet each child’s needs.

Through our extensive curriculum provision, enrichment experiences and school ethos, we ensure that students develop not only their academic ability but also their social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness. We set high academic, sporting, cultural and behavioral expectations for our children, which results in our children achieving to high standards in all areas.

As a school, we stand apart from others in that we place particular prominence on developing not only academic and sporting strengths in our children, but also provide extensive opportunities in the arts

The school remains focused completely on excellence in teaching and learning, maximizing achievement and progression for all students and facilitating personal career development and job satisfaction for all the staff teams. Although graded outstanding in our last Ousted inspection, we constantly seek to do things better and strive for curriculum innovation and creativity to achieve this.

An accolade to…..

Late Shri. Lingaya Gadde

“What we have once enjoyed can never lose; all that we deeply love becomes the part of us”

The best tribute we can ever offer the architect of Lingaya’s Group of Institutions could be to emulate his ideals and work toward realizing his dreams. Let his vision, “PREPARE THE GENERATION TO BE VICTORIOUS, NONE A STOPPAGE,” inspire us to follow in his footsteps. His incursion into education had just one aim – to enlighten young minds for the growth of society and nation. He was truly visionary, focused and bighearted. The school is a live replica of the affluent inheritance left behind by him. The staff and students of this institution of education acknowledge the immortal soul