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About Lingayas Public School

About Lingayas Public School

Inspirational and visionary education for the children at the tender stage of life starts quite early. The lengthy process of learning the basics of a language and understanding the earthly surroundings seems simple enough at the beginning. Yet, the multiplication of ideas and subjects up to the educational ladder gradually becomes rather demanding.

Educational authorities in distinctive schools and institutes of higher education do possess a mighty duty as nation builders. Educating the next generation, some of whom would become leaders of government and industry, is a complex process. Perhaps it can be compared to the construction of a mighty building, vista by vista and floor by floor. Would that comparison appropriately represent a scholarly character as expressed in a child?

It is true that the construction of the human personality is the right definition of education. Though intellectual challenges may come at a later stage, don’t you think that the first early phase is the most important? Values are inculcated early. How to behave and feel, relate to the others and to friends and the elders are basic lessons we teach the younger ones through concerned, researched methods.

Nurturing classrooms

We would think that the classroom is the center of the action and that is true, though much happens elsewhere, like in the sports field, library, and laboratory, and even at the home. Education without stress is what we aim to achieve. Numerous subjects and lessons, homework, let it all be done within the school in an activity performed together. The fun element must prevail to create the impression that life is some sort of joy ride that is certainly is in some senses. Let it be relaxed evenings at home rather than be burdened with work for the children and perhaps the parents too. Just like the air-conditioned comfort within the classrooms with a variety of meaningfully modern teaching aids, the home would provide lessons of a different kind.

The torch of the founder burns bright

A mystical light shines through the hallowed institution that fills the school walls and the corridors as much as the teachers and students with a splendid light. The blessings of the Late Shree Lingaya Gadde of freedom fighter stature live on quietly at work in the background, like a mighty river that flows yet gently.

A faculty that goes to great lengths

Finally, it is the teachers who make the essential difference and the staff does possess immense patience and perseverance in their hearts. Working in the halo of the founder, the love for children drives them on with a passion to make a difference to the young lives. Realizing that one book and one pen can mean so much, there is no dearth of educational materials in this temple of learning. Flowing along with the currents of thought towards a life of illumination is the best option.

Education as revealed in action

The campus life in a well-endowed world of diverse educational infrastructure regularly teams with the action of a great variety. All learning happens interactively with constant exchanges of thought and experience. Not a single moment of isolation intervenes across the busy daily schedule. While moments of solitude amidst interaction like prayer and meditation are essential in fulfilling the goals of holistic education, we would insist on a life of action and adventure in fulfilling national goals and aspirations.

A gently programmed discipline

Living in the contemporary world that emphasizes soft skills, an appropriate disciplinary system is in place. The daily action is guided by a system of penalties that is more of a formality and is used as an exception rather than a rule.

A serene campus promotes authentic learning

Away from the disturbing urban sights and sounds, the harmonious school surrounding engenders genuine study and understanding gets a chance. The truth is that the frenzied hurry of study, completing homework and assignments can be counterproductive, where the mind remains basically empty in spite of all the work produced. A leisurely approach to academics where the mind is relaxed is essential to study and we take pains to promote such harmonious influences.

An infrastructure that has everything in place

A self-contained educational system that leaves nothing to chance caters to every need. Medically speaking or transport requirements, games fields, the library and laboratory beckon with all the facilities and workers, according to the needs of the situation.

The ongoing molding of the child’s character

Positive influences do develop child talents and skills, character, and personality along the desirable traits. The age-old debate remains whether the essential qualities derive from birth or can be inculcated. We believe strongly that the environmental influences and training make a difference. Childhood experiences change thoughts and ideas as proved by many legendary stories and the lives of great leaders and reformers. We make a great effort to orchestrate positive influences and teach by example and practice. A constant involvement in the school teaching-learning processes and learning through doing is the preferred approach that has resulted in many great success stories.

While students compete for awards and prepare to sit competitive examinations, the teachers are busy updating their knowledge and skills, attending workshops and delivering better lessons. The wheel is constantly turning in the multifaceted Lingayas universe. Come and become a part of the hallowed culture.

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